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     I would like to notify you of new opportunities we have opening up here at Grand Traverse Distillery in terms of whiskey production.  Located in Traverse City we have been distilling Michigan grown grains since January of 2007.  Starting with rye vodka we then expanded the line to include a variety of vodka products, whiskey, gin and rum.  The past four years we have invested heavily in whiskey production, (100% straight rye whiskey and bourbon).  Our Ole George 100% Straight Rye Whiskey is all rye, no corn or malted barley in the mash bill and has been awarded many top metals and best of category several years at the annual ADI meeting.

     Our current operation can supply all our clear spirit needs and we can put up around 200 53-gallon barrels of whiskey per year.  In 2018 we have a new 2,500L whiskey still coming in from Holstein.  This still can increase our production of whiskey well beyond our needs at this time and if we pick up five more fermentation tanks we would be able to distill around 600 53-gallon barrels per year.  We have local farms that can supply our current and future grain requirements and with a local malting house only three miles from our distillery malted barley and malted rye needs are taken care of. 

     What’s the bottom line?  In 2018 and into the near future we have excess capacity for whiskey production.   Are there distilleries that would be interested in contract whiskey distillation?  If so let’s talk and see if we can help you increase your craft whiskey inventories.  Just last fall we acquired an additional 5,000sf of barrel storage.  Currently, we are aging over 650 barrels of whiskey and have room to age your spirit.  If you choose we can also help your operation with aged product along with custom whiskey production.  The advantage in doing this is you can have today the same spirit that in going into your new barrels.  You are welcome to develop your own mash bill. 

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing possibilities.

Kent Rabish

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