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Tails cut off


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I was wondering where people were cutting off their tails (proof or ABV) for whiskey? And the same question for vodka? thanks, beast

Can't say about whiskey, but for vodka you'd want no tails at all in your beverage so transition between hearts to tails would be cut at the earliest sign of temp dropping. And tails could be collected as much as you like as long as they are re distilled separately from fresh wash (so that tails don't build up).

Best for vodka is continuous column were you distill at the highest abv you can get so that tails dont get into hearts, because hearts are so high proof- 95 ++% that they are too "dehydrated" for tails to get to the top of the column. But tails there also have to be collected to prevent build up. Collection is made a few plates above wash feed.

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