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Class 1B, 1C and class2 flammable liquid and Ethanol

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I have a visit with the fire marshal tomorrow and I know whats on his mind.  

I am a super small operation in an unsprinkled building operating in an F1 zoned building, not H3.  I am thus limited to 120 gallons of Class 1B and 1C flammable liquids.  I know, I know, its not ideal but it was necessary to start this way.  I am planning on being super proactive in bottling and barreling to avoid going over the max allowable quantity.  He wants to know what tanks hold how much of what level of flammable liquids...

My question is this, assuming my ambient temp in my workspace is around 85F, at what % abv does ethanol drop below Class 1A, Class 1B and Class 1C flammable liquids?


I know that when my flash point is at 75F, my ethanol abv is 80%, but class 1B has a flash point at 73F, so what is its abv?

I know that when my flash point is at 105F, my abv is 20%, but class II liquids have a flash point at 100F, so whats its abv?...

I can't find the equations to figure this.

Me and the marshal both would like as close to a definite number we can reference.  He said he'd like to come in, check the proof of a spirit in a tank and say definitively, "This is class 1b" or "this is class II" depending on the proof.

Any ideas on closer estimations of proof cut offs for flammable liquids?



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