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A solar heated still probably wouldn't work for practical reasons.

here's some solar info.


For a system to generate 1 KwH electricity the site offers $9000 as a price. Maybe you could find cheaper, but assume ballpark. So that's about 3400 BTU/hr. There's propane burners that work better than that for a whole lot less money. Even the electric company is cheaper by lots. :lol:

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meh. The only way solar would be useful would be to have a solar plant similar to the mirror based fields in the mojave or the few in spain that are working with hot salt towers... You'd pretty much have a massive sized generation plant to produce consistent steam for your purposes of stilling or mash cooking.. there are some homebrew ways of making heliostats to acheive this, but on a small scale the materials are just too spendy for the ROI to be useful commercially.. now, if you could get a waste steam link from an existing power plant.. that's the hot lick right there..

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