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Distilling equipment, bottles,

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Irreparable damage to our DSP building from neighboring construction has forced us to close our doors, don't have the time or energy to start all over again.  So, we're selling all of our equipment.  

Willing to sell individually, see prices below. Or would take 18K for all listed (with no modifications, modifications would be negotiated separately).  Would consider a 1 year warranty on all welds relating to equipment listed.  

120 Gallon 316 stainless steel electric Pot Still (150Gal total capacity) with shotgun style condenser. $10K as is $13K with mild mods and help to set up and run. Even the heating elements are 316 ss. If you buy the still. You get the TTB NIST certified Hydrometer as well- (see photo of still)

2- 200 Gallon stainless steel storage tanks  $2K each 14-gauge stainless steel.  Air tight, Manway on top 4"Tri-clamp on the bottom of the trube.- (Can get photos)

Mash Tun makes approx 60 gallons of wort $1K(Homemade version, but works very well)- (see photo)

floor drain $3K 86" x 24" x 6" deep 3" sch 40 no hub drain. offset to one end. 1.5" fiberglass grating for walking surface. - (Can get photos)

3 compartment sink  $2K, has 2 new faucets and drains are already hooked up. barely used. NSF certified- (Can get photos)

Also a commercial bucket feed grain grinder $500 that I got from a large local brewery (See photo)

Industrial style pub tables 2 sets. $1K as is (per set of table and 4 stools). Tables are schedule 40 steel. the stools are scheule 80 steel rated for fall protection. Would consider mods and powder coating for $1500 per set (see photos)

$400 Ea. One of the most profitable parts of our distillery was the fact that we offered distilling classes, so also up for sale are (5) small 6-gallon pot stills.  They come with SS leibig condensers.  they aren't the prettiest, but they were a hit for classes.  I would be willing to modify within reason if you would like to add or change something in the design.  

I have 1,000 bottles, similar to Pendleton bottles, they would each come with a glass top (see photos)- 1K

Lots of other odds and ends, if you're looking for anything in particular or have any questions, let me know. 

I am a 20 year NSF stainless steel sheet metal worker. I work in a general shop that is why we were able to build diverse items. Sanitary and pressure vessel are part of my daily routine. If you would like some mild/major mods done to whatever you see let me know and we can accommodate. All Items are less cost of shipping.


Paul Ziegman

The Tinbender

509-315-7939- tinbendercraftdistillery@gmail.com



11096678_697680407024938_7725455386383220711_n (1).jpg







tbst1 (1).jpg


DSCN5933 (2).jpg






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