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    buy the flavoring and be done. don't be a super hero..... make money, don't waste time.
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    Any way... Time to steer this train back on its tracks. Prepare for the fallout..... I see it happening now. People selling off they equipment before they even use it. Other people snacking it up like candy only to maybe suffer the same fate because they are some how smarter. Does the average person realize how many bottles it take to pay the monthly bills and pay for the loans and running cost. If you were to only pay in bottles how many would that be? Now how many bottles can you sell in a month, it is on thing to get your new product in the store but to get it out is another. I know people that put so much money is making Bourbon, now it is starting to get over oaked so they are dumping and storing in totes because they can't sell there product very fast. They over produced. Think of all that money just sitting there.... I can't imagine someone thinking there going to hit it, they are going to do something thats never been done before...... more power to you.
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    All spirits improved from resting, even white spirits, because there are chemicals which break down, oxidize or react with other chemicals which are distilled over from the mash. The effect is more noticeable if you are making spirits with wide cuts, such as unoaked rums or eaux de vie. It's not uncommon for French and German distilleries to age white fruit spirits for several years after distillation.
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    We are shipping out four more iStills 500 NextGen. All units have full distillation capabilities (1 to 40 redistillations), and can mash and be used as additional fermenters as well. Regards, Odin.
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    I agree with Tom. If you think you need 10,000 square feet, Go with 20,000. It's a lot cheaper to start off a little bigger than you need, and grow into the space than it is to realize that you've outgrown your space and then have to look for another facility or build new buildings. We have close to 10,000 and I wish we had 30,000 A few things people never take into consideration are, Empty barrel storage Grain storage Empty glass storage Finished product storage Packaging storage Bottling facility Just my two cents.