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  1. Thanks Robert. We are going to make a few more once we get it refined a bit.
  2. Tried a different image host.
  3. The tip fits into a graduated cylinder and it is 3/8 I believe. I will confirm
  4. Put together a thief to use around the distillery. After some use yesterday I can already see what improvements I need including making one with a bend in it for in-between the racks.
  5. -6 Outside 60 degrees inside 80 degrees in the pot They work great thanks!
  6. Awesome thanks. How far is the temp probe away from the heater? Am full of questions this AM. Too much coffee..
  7. Thanks Indy. Do you agitate your fermentation at all?
  8. Thanks HB. You are going to be somewhat put off when I tell you that it was bought about 100 miles or so away from you and I had it shipped out here.
  9. How many heaters per 1000 liter totes?
  10. Here is our tasting room. We converted a old Cadillace Oldsmobile dealership into our distillery. The original sign above the tasting room is 42' X 11'. Our room is still under construction and will update photos when we are done. Entrance The tasting room bar from reclaimed wood grain elevator crib house. The bike is a three wheeled bottle hauler during farmer's market. The box on the back is metal and circa 1950s. Note the purse hooks on the bar. View of the bar looking into the distillery. The metal is covering up where our cooling strip for cocktails is going to be. Diner booths will be going in where the "Bar" sign is located. 1953 Seburg Jukebox holds 50 records. Merchandise area. Still need to install proper lighting. Bar view looking outside. View from tasting room into the distillery.
  11. Ha, No competition here. I wanted a space to show off your hard work and inspire others. I will post up my space today
  12. That looks great! What is your total occupancy? What a great story and history. Nice work.
  13. Our forklift is very versatile and we use it for a lot of different tasks that don't involve distillery work. I wouldn't hesitate on getting one if you can afford it and have the space Things to look for: Side shift (this was a must for us.) Mast height Extended height Propane vs Electric How many hours (if buying used) Extra propane tank (Great to have so when you run out you have a spare tank to pop in) It runs out when it is most critical FYI We have affectionately named ours Pepe the little mule
  14. Thought it would be great to have current distilleries post up pictures and narratives of their tasting rooms to show off their hard work and vision. Plus it would give prospective distillery owners a good example to work off of. Thoughts? Anyone want to go first?