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  1. The State of California requires an out-of-state shipper to have a designated general agent and/or attorney identified in their agreement application -- can anyone recommend a general agent or attorney? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Gfeld777 - we already have our bar tops.
  3. Just make sure you get the corrections done to the actual formula vs. reply to their comments - I didn't and they rejected and closed the application; I called and was told if the corrections aren't made in the document by the third communication, it automatically gets rejected and closed. So, I had to resubmit and have now been 'in the que" for over a week.
  4. cinbeppe


    Looking for plain corrugated box manufacturer in Chicago that is willing to manufacture a custom size.
  5. If we have our federal permit, can we purchase grain alcohol while we wait for our rectifiers license in Illinois?
  6. Looking for supplier for 750 ML Bellisima, Punted, Clear, Bar Top bottles - facility located in Chicago.
  7. We are looking to transition from producing small batches (30 bottles of 750) to larger quantities of liqueur (botanicals steeped in GNS) - is there any reason why simple multiplication of quantities would produce a different flavor profile?
  8. Specialty Bottle: www.specialtybottle.com
  9. cinbeppe

    Seville Oranges

    Thanks for the reply - we'll check it out.
  10. cinbeppe

    Seville Oranges

    Looking to identify a wholesale supplier of seville oranges? Any ideas?
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