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  1. That machine works fine. We have used one for years without trouble. A clear label on thin film proved to be a challenge, but other than that it worked fine.
  2. TTB has some lab distillation proofing procedure videos...https://www.ttb.gov/distilled-spirits/proofing-tutorial Pretty straight forward.
  3. Really depends where you are. You might be able to get enough from your fellow distillers in your area.
  4. Given that the FDA guidance is that we have to denature this means absolutely nothing at the moment. If the FDA comes out with a new circular exempting us from denaturing then it will help.
  5. Wine is not made with sugar added.
  6. Hate to sound stupid...but I don't get it. What are you talking about Doc Brown? Pumping distilled spirit back in?
  7. Well, looking at that quickly, Bourbon Whiskey in a different size and font than the "Capital Blend" makes it look like you are calling it Bourbon Whiskey, which it isn't...If Capital Blend Bourbon Whiskey was all the same font, maybe require even same line, then you might be fine. The High West example COLA has a fanciful name American Prairie Bourbon (all same font and typeface). Seriously, you can get someone on the TTB on the phone if you are persistent. I don't think any consultant can get your label approved because of the way you made it. Not to mention your "California"
  8. Have you managed to get someone on the phone from the TTB? I love a good black hole of contradictory responses, but usually you can get it sorted without paying someone. A consultant can give you advice, but not necessarily get a COLA approved.
  9. Not entirely sure what Taylor means either. It almost seems like he was deeply offended he spent his money on the product and went out of his way to be harsh. He reviewed our stuff and seemed very cordial during our interview. Some of the descriptors have some poetic license. The "heavily earthy notes" I assume is a reference to how deep (the distiller even claims it) they go into the tails to get maximum flavor. Some people are going to like it, clearly Taylor is not one of them.
  10. Coolest part, some people blame it for the Salem witch trials...makes you hallucinate. I wouldn't distill it but I don't have a reason beyond not wanting to be even near it.
  11. Roger and I seem to have the same thought. Baffles give the steam a path to follow from the inlet to outlet that ideally maximizes heat transfer. If there are no baffles (my honest suspicion), with your inlet and outlet right next to each other, there us not a ton you can do because the heat transfer just isn’t going to happen. Maybe putting a new steam inlet at top opposite end will get you going, I am not sure, but cheapest bet. Corn being cheap, losing this mash shouldn’t be the biggest concern, but you could pump water into your still and back and use your still like a RIMS, or just p
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