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  1. Okay good to know! What if we wanted to make adjustments to the spirits we purchase? Would that make us a rectifier/require a DSP license?
  2. If you buy spirits in bulk, and then bottle them in your facility, what equipment is required to get a DSP license? Obviously you don't need a still to finish the product, but would you have to get one anyways in order to comply with the TTB?
  3. You'd still need a DSP license in order to bottle it though, since the excise tax will be charged to you & not the bulk supplier, correct?
  4. From what I've read, the TTB requires that your facility, equipment etc. be fully operational before you can get a DSP license Is this correct? If so, how did you go about lowering the upfront investment costs during this period? (before being legally allowed to make sales)
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