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  1. Do you think that my low wines are lost or is it possible that my gns will be alright? I'm just curious on your thoughts.
  2. At the possibility of looking dumb, what is epdm? The gaskets between my tri-clamps?
  3. I have a cooper head but other than that its all stainless. The stripping runs smell like corn and alcohol and has a slight haze that I am attributing to the heavy tails. This is going to be gns for our vodka so I hope whatever it us works it's way out, any thoughts on it? Yes, it comes off black and smells bad.
  4. Hi all, I am running a 100 percent corn in an electric bain marie. I have noticed a black oily residue after a stripping run. I keep finding in different places. I use PBW and Citric and I still seem to be getting spots of it especially in the parrot. Any idea what it is and if its normal?
  5. Thank you I was hoping this was normal
  6. Hi all, as my post says I am getting a slight haze at 85 proof on my stripping runs that gets gradually worse. I am working with a 100%corn mash in a 10p gallon electric bain marie. I thought maybe it was too much heat so I'm running 3 elements instead of 4 but that didnt do it. Any ideas?
  7. I'm having Union POS installed this month, they are used in very busy NYC bars and keep great notes on customers.
  8. Thank you, should I use the liquid on top for FG or should I mix it up then strain and measure?
  9. Hi guys, I am having a hard time measuring SG and FG when doing all grain mashes. Our mashes are 2lbs per gallon. My question is how do you know what it is with so much solids and then when you take your final most of the grain is at the bottom so should I mix it up again? Thank you in advance
  10. Hi Paul, if you were doing a 200 gallon batch would you need cooling with an open top fermentation?
  11. Hi Paul, is it cost effective to use a baine marie for a 500-600 gallon still. I am just curious of the electric costs and run times. Also, does your page have current prices of these larger baine marie stills? thank you
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