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  1. NJ Distiller

    Rum Ingredients

    Thanks for the insights. I was thinking of using International Molasses and just reached out to them about their three different types of molasses for rum. I also bought the book on Amazon and read it in a couple hours. Definitely one of the best things I have found when it comes to the entire process of distilling rum but it is also very useful for distilling in general. Thanks again for the helpful information!
  2. NJ Distiller

    Hello from New Jersey

    There's a decent number of people from New Jersey around here. I am in the beginning stages of planning a distillery. Alex
  3. NJ Distiller

    Rum Ingredients

    Currently looking for suppliers of molasses for our rum, we're located in New Jersey. We do not want to use blackstrap molasses since we want to use a higher grade molasses. Our plan is to make white rum, then use some of the rum to age in barrels. Using the barrel aged rum, we will bottle it from the barrel and them take some to make a spiced rum. Any help with ingredients other than molasses or any insights in general are greatly appreciated. We're still a few months out from production, still the planning phase.
  4. NJ Distiller

    Output and Revenue

    Thanks for the response!
  5. NJ Distiller

    Distillery Location

    It seems as though you have a perfect setup then for opening a distillery on the land. Definitely a lot easier than what I have been dealing with up here in NJ. Best of luck!
  6. NJ Distiller

    Distillery Location

    Thanks for the information. Speaking with the state, they are on a very similiar level as the TTB in that basically don't put the DSP in your house or a residential premise. Other than that it is up to the local municipality. We have reached out to the zoning board but have yet to get any word back.
  7. NJ Distiller

    Mash Tun, fermenters, and filtration unit

    Check out https://distillery-equipment.com Paul has been awesome with helping us through the entire planning phase. He's on the forum here as @Southernhighlander.
  8. NJ Distiller

    Output and Revenue

    Im about an hour and a half south of you, exit 80 on the parkway. PM me your availability next week if you don't mind. I'm a high school teacher and school ends Monday. For a 750ml: bottle,label,closure=$2.00 Federal and State Tax=$3.50 Rum Ingredients=$2.15 Vodka Ingredients=$1.25 GNS/Vodka Blend=$0.85 We didn't factor in labor yet. My sister and I have full time careers with a ton of free time. We did factor costs of utilities into the ingredient costs.
  9. NJ Distiller

    Output and Revenue

    I am in the process of writing my business plan. I have read through this forum for a couple months, the home distiller forum and the Australian distiller forum. Ive calculated the cost per bottle down to the electric and water needed for the runs. If anyone could send me a PM and spare a couple minutes to let me know if my numbers are anywhere in the ballpark. Thanks!
  10. NJ Distiller

    Mash Tun, fermenters, and filtration unit

    We are thinking of a 105 gallon mash combination still for our setup. As far as fermenters we are going to use 275 polyethylene IBC totes and also use the totes for transferring out our condenser water once it gets hot. The couple locations that we are thinking of all are on city water but why waste water if you can use it? With keeping the warm water, we can then clean our equipment, as well as other uses. Also for storing alcohol and transporting from barrels, fermenters and other areas we most likely will use 55 gallon polyethylene drums on dolleys. We too are starting on a small budget.
  11. NJ Distiller

    Distillery Location

    Thank you! We have reached out to some local municipalities where we are interested in of locations. The density of our area is populated densely, within a 20 mile radius we have over 15 municipalities.
  12. NJ Distiller

    Distillery Location

    While reading this post I was getting fired up for you! I hope it does not come to this but there is always a chance for anything. I will be looking forward to hearing about your public meeting. Put it on Facebook live for us to watch at ADI hah. I appreciate all the detail and best of luck!
  13. NJ Distiller

    Distillery Location

    Thanks for the response. We reached out to the state department and they said it just cannot be in a residual premise but the zoning is totally up to the local municipality. We reached out to every municipality around us but the couple we have prospective locations in have not gotten back to us. Thanks for your response.
  14. NJ Distiller

    Distillery Location

    I have been on this forum for a couple months but this is my first post. My sister and I are in the preliminary stages of our business plan. We are reaching out to local municipalities about the prospect of a distillery in their towns. When looking for a physical location, does it have to be an industrial zoned building according to the TTB or is that more of a local/state guideline? On the TTB guidelines we could only find: We have found some properties that are listed as retail locations but have huge open warehouse spaces which we could utilize for the DSP and a front room for a tasting room. Any insights would help. Thank you! Alex