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  1. I am looking to source 15 and 30 gallon new white American oak barrels, port barrels, sherry barrels, and cognac barrels. Do not need to have all barrels come from the same producer. Please provide cost list. Tony Guilfoy Noble Cut Distillery Columbus, OH
  2. I am using AlcoDens LQ and am about as confused as a baby in a topless bar. We also do have the Anton Paar Densometer with the alcolyzer in addition to a table top distillation. I want to use AlcoDens LQ to help me know how much sugar and flavoring to use and still achieve our stated ABV. Is this the correct application? If so, can someone please advise me on what to do? I use 15% sweetener, 2.5% flavoring, and .2% acid. Our barrels are coming out around 48 gallons @120 proof. In my old calculations, we seem to be off by about 7-10 proof. Any help is appreciated.
  3. We have been having trouble with our defleg return water hitting 140 to our glycol chiller. Since this will kill the chiller, we are looking into getting a cold water tank pumping chilled water to our condenser and defleg with the chiller only cooling an immersion coil inside the tank. We have been getting bad advise from sales people in my first attempt at a distillery. Everything they sell is the "fix". Is there any advise on a closed system? Our distillery has a 200 gallon column still and a 35 gallon chiller. Our city water is not free. Cheers!
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