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    Doing the pH panic..

    Pasteurize your wash, crash cool it in less than 6 hours, and try again and see if your pH crash goes away.

    Doing Bitters In House

    In short, if you want to make 'bitters' that belong to the same class of flavor ingredients as, say angostura, scrappy's, regan's, etc..., the real trick is convincing the TTB and the FDA that what you are making is non-potable flavor, not beverage alcohol. There are a few ways to go about this. You can make bitters that are considered beverage alcohol, but you then have to sell them the same way you sell your beverage spirits with all the proof gallon taxes, 3 tier system requirements, and similar compliance issues that relate to beverage alcohol sales in the USA. Generally if you want to make 'non-potable beverage flavorings' that are not considered beverage alcohol, you will need a separate facility from your DSP that is FDA compliant (like a commercial kitchen), and there are lots of hoops to jump through on the FDA side (are your ingredients on the GRAS list? are the concentrations of regulated ingredients compliant with the established thresholds? etc...). To go this route, i'm 99.9% sure that you would need to transfer your base spirit 'in-bond' from a DSP in small quantities (less than 50 gallons) and submit paperwork that certifies that you are 'denaturing' the spirits with ingredients that make it no longer suitable for use as a 'potable beverage spirit' (bittering agents). I'm sure that there is a lot of procedural detail I'm missing, but this is my understanding of how it works in general. Anyone that can correct or clarify on any misunderstandings I have is welcome to chime in and help educate me.

    Column Leveling

    My 28' vendome 12" column came with 8 of these anchors for support, FYI

    Column Leveling

    If you get bigger anchor bolts than you think you need you should be fine. You might also want to support the top of the column from above if you are using washers and anchors to prevent any swaying. you catch a bad harmonic and a column can really get moving.

    Column Leveling

    How off-level are we talking? If everything connects well you might get some novel refluxing.

    Greenish/Yellow Heads in brandy from Red wine

    Depth filter pads are sometimes packed with activated carbon... if your pads are carbon-free, then that would be very strange for the color to be filtered out... weird.

    Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    This isn't a solution I would have come up with, but I inherited a setup with pentair big blue housings and epm-20BB carbon block filter cartridges, and they actually work pretty well at polishing. At about 50 bucks each, they aren't too crazily expensive for how much volume of product you can treat with each one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pentek-EPM-20BB-20-in-x-4-5-8-in-Carbon-Block-Water-Filter-PENTEK-EPM-20BB/206017179

    Greenish/Yellow Heads in brandy from Red wine

    Just a hunch but what did you distill prior to the runs with the greenish-yellow tint? Sometimes I notice that wacky colors come out in the heads when I'm doing a run immediately following a stripping run where I went to 0% ABV. My hunch is that the weird colors may be fores/heads dissolving the fats that deposited in the condenser at the very end of the previous run. I can make this go away by doing a quick steam run to clear out the condenser most of the time. Maybe try steaming out your condenser before your run and see if that helps?