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  1. For measuring the ABV after adding sugar. But I've done more research and realized the digital meters don't account for sugar either. Found this thread in the ADI Forums and it basically summed up what I need to know. http://adiforums.com/topic/9644-proofing-spirits-proofed-with-sugars/ My only remaining question.. Is there a ballpark figure for calculating the ABV accounting for the sugar added on a much smaller scale? Ex if I were to add 2 oz simple syrup (38g sugar) to one .75ML bottle of 40ABV, how much would the ABV decrease?
  2. Thanks Stillwagon. Have you used a digital alcohol meter before? If so is there one you recommend?
  3. I've been experimenting with adding spices and sugar to my rums. The problem I'm running into is that after I add the sugar (simple syrup or cane spirit caramel) the ABV reading on my alcohol hydrometer drops significantly. Obviously the small amount of water in the syrup would lower the ABV, and I've read that sugar lowers the ABV as well, but I don't think by the amount I'm reading on my hydrometer. My question is, how do you determine the correct ABV of the rum after back sweetening? What are the alternatives to using a hydrometer?
  4. The Don

    Dunder Recipe

    Going about making my first dunder mash. Have read that 20-35% of next mash should be composed of dunder. Should same ratio of molasses / gws / H2O / yeast from original mash recipe be used or does it need tweaking in some fashion? Wondering what others have found. Thank you!
  5. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. What was the ABV of the heads/apple juice before fermentation and then again after fermentation? I was under the impression that any sort of alcoholic mash would make it difficult for the yeast to thrive and could produce off putting congeners.
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