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    Point of Sale System

    I am new to this site and late to the game but I have an all in one sales solution to consider. Active Club Solutions did start in the wine industry but we have numerous distillery clients that LOVE our system. Active is POS, Ecommerce, Club, Inventory, Marketing, and more in real time. Using a mobile app on an Ipad you have all your customer data captured in one complete system. To learn more send me a note or check out www.activeclubsolutions.com.
  2. Just taking a quick survey on what different distilleries use in their tasting rooms to capture and manage customer sales, customer data, and inventory? Answer here or send me an email to debbie@activeclubsolutions.com.
  3. Debbie@Active

    Tasting Room Events

    Hey All! I am new to this site. But jumping into the conversation, I am a vendor for and frequently a consumer at Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol, California. They have a tasting room adjacent to their production and are located in a cool retail space with many other retailers in The Barlow. Amanda G. is the manager there and could offer insights to events they do. Active's ipad all in one POS system helps keep Spirit Works Distillery in sync with real time data in both inventory and customer data.