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  1. Eventually a cooker. However, we are currently located next-door to a brewery with brand new equipment, so we will utilize them for now.
  2. So, we have stills (700 Gallon Stripping/300 Gallon Hybrid Pot Still), a boiler, fermentation tanks, a diaphragm pump, a small bottling line and an RO system. But really, that’s all we have at this point. We’re going to be primarily focused on whiskey production. I’m a very recent (about a month) crossover from the brewing world and have set up quite a few breweries in the past, but this isn’t very similar in my experience thus far. I could literally set up a brewery in no time, but I feel like I’m struggling here a bit with the task of identifying everything we need. If anyone has any time, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you’re willing to provide on the following list of things that I believe we still need. Here goes – · Air Compressor/Air Dryer/Filters. · Collection/Holding tanks -Low wines, Hearts, Tails, Blending? · Floor Scale (?). · Hoses (Distillery specific?). · Barrels. · Barrel Racking equipment. · Assorted Clamps, Gaskets, Valves, etc. · Thermometers (glass/digital). · Hydrometer/Alcometers. · Filtration system – Depth or Cartridge or both? · Flowmeters(?). · Cold Liquor Tank/ Chiller(?) (Unsure if Midwest city water is cool enough year-round). · Ethanol Detectors(s). · Forklift/Pallet Jack · Distillery Software. That’s where I’m currently at with this list. What did I miss? What don’t I need? I’ve generated this list by reading hours and years’ worth of this forum, independent research and insight from the very few folks I know in the industry. I’ve done my best to do my homework before asking for your collective assistance, so hopefully this doesn’t come across as a request to be “baby birded” the info. Thanks again.
  3. If you remember, post what you ended up going with! I am in the process of setting up a distillery and this is one of my items to explore.
  4. I was just looking into filtration for our start up. Glad to see this post.
  5. Good Morning. I am recent cross over to spirits after almost 14 years in the brewing industry. I would love to hear from other cross overs or anyone who has any good advice for someone in my position. Sure seems like a lot of what I know from brewing can be applied to spirits, but I bet there's a lot to learn. I've heard good things about this forum and I look forward to learning and participating.
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