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    I like pic 2 upper left metal....were can I get more info
  2. I just wanted to say thanks to all that come here and share there knowledge. i did a test batch of agave spirit, 40 gallon , used 2 yeasts as well as 2 separate nutrients. started @1.049 ( 14.2Brx)kept it at 91 degrees, 2/3 s pitch initially both w/nutrients. Other 1/3 in 48 hrs. 12 days in 1.001 3.5Brx.....starting Ph 5.2 I am @3.8 this morning. I wanted to thank @Storm King Distilling Co.,@bluefish , and everyone else for a couple of great threads and sharing the experience. I also added a 100 g of agave terrines to the mix. I will slow run it out in a couple days and let you know how it tastes.
  3. Also in western ny....please email me dan@steelbounevl.com
  4. Can you guys recommend a good place to go and learn more about short path distillation ?
  5. I have become increasingly more interested in short path distillation. I have done some reading and have watched some procedures on the web. Dissolving in alcohol then separating trash, CBD, terrines, and finally pure THC distillate. About 98% pure THC. I have done some experiments and personally I think alcohol and cannabis pair nicely. More bang for the buck, and by that I mean a longer sustained feeling of wellness. The downfall here is that more than not will just try and get totally trashed. I know the TTB has come out hard against this but being that the terps don’t have any THC I’m really not sure why they are set against the use of such to change or enhance flavor profiles. as far as the market I have seen hemp vodka and some beers. We are talking about a hemp a vieson.on our brew side.
  6. SteelB

    Malt whisky ???

    No they haven’t. After the fact I did some reading to see what I could do with it after I have it distilled. It seems as though my options are limited. It can be a malt whiskey, or I can blend it with in house product and it can be a blended whiskey , if I age it on oak for a while I can expand a bit more . I’d like to do a blended rye. I guess I ll have to wait and see next week how the flavor is. Give me a better idea of what to do with it I guess.
  7. Hey Daniel were are you distilling at ?
  8. SteelB

    Malt whisky ???

    Oh sorry, I guess I didnt ask a specific question. My concern being the carapils. As I have never used them in any fashion. The brewer says he uses them in beer for better body and head retention. Curious has anyone had a similar experience and will they cause a bad flavor is all really.
  9. SteelB

    Malt whisky ???

    So I work in an invironment that is sometimes cool between myself and the brewery there is a half wall. Yesterday I heard Cali it’s from next door so I went over apparently a brew got stuck in the mash ton. And could not be pumped out via normal method. After determining the batch was a loss the were going to dump it. I said no give it to me. So I got it into a 300 gallon tote. I dropped some SO4 on it to get it rolling then some 927 distillers yeast on after 24 hrs. It’s doing well. Here is the grain bill. 900 lbs 2 row 150 lbs white wheat 50 flaked oats 50 carapils 50 Carmel malt 40L thoughts..... anyone........ .
  10. We can see it from our place. Our upper bar and dining area has windows that look out to the slopes
  11. I am a distiller-in NY what area of NY are you in ?
  12. One of the companies was advertising that they were ttb approved genuine 100% real ( as in derived from the actual plant) terpenes.
  13. Ok as we sit here on the cusp of federal regulation of adult use marijuana. A dozen or so states already legal prolly another 6-8 this year. I highly doubt that THC and alcohol will ever be allowed in the same bottle. That being said I know there is a lot of hemp products already out there. We are looking at a few hemp beer recipes on our brewery side. is anyone here doing any of that yet ? How about terrines ? As those flavor profiles become available I would like to start playing with them. If anyone here is doing. Were are you sourcing your terrines. I have found a few companies out there that sell terrines. Not just cannabis terrines but any terrines really. In the mash or infused ?I have been speaking with folks around the local market everyone is split on what they think it is going to do to the industry. I think it ll make us better. I really don’t see us losing a substantial amount of business to that industry. I think there will be a lot of opportunity for cross over, such as terpine infusions and brewing.
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