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  1. As i set out i wanted to make a Genever Style Gin. I was told by the TTB that what i was doing was gin not Genever. I argued and argued and they finally told me that i could put genever on the label, but it was going to be a DSS Therefore Gin could not appear on the label. So as i submitted the COLA i had the opposite problem. I was then Being told by these fine folks was that Gin needed to be on the label, and i said could you put that in writing....... so yeah it appears that interperatation is everything. As i did the research i did read of the old genever , it was whiskey running through the botanicals, some even used a percentage of Rum. So i did a small test batch. i used corn based vodka, with wheat based vodka, and smaller percentages of whiskey, Rum, and gin. ran that through the botanicals and came up with essentially a super Gin. i then blended that with our house Gin at 20 to 1 it was pretty amazing.I now am trying to figure out if i want to even try and submit that formula. I mean as i read it. Gin is described as Spirit that has been run through botanicals of which juniper is the dominant flavor. Am i wrong?
  2. it would seem it matters which agent gets your stuff, as interperataion
  3. we are looking for a combination mash ton stripping still 1000 Gal.with heating jackets ( steam ) and cooling jackets. im ucrrently running a 500 gallon copper steam fired rig.problem is we mash, ferment, and distill in that rig.Problem is cooling it down to pitch yeast. i have been dumping in 5 barrels of ice to rapidly cool it down. the problem i was having was we used to let it sit over night then use ice and water to get it to pitch temp. except we also have a brewery in the same building ( we are separated by a half wall ) they make sours over there and use lacto bacsillus to sour the beer. now i have l that and who knows what other strains of yeast and foe running rampant in my building. if i let it stand to long lacto gets a hold before the yeast and i have lost a few ferments top lacto.


  4. didnt see any pics but if you PM me i can give you my email addy and we can get it moving forward, because hauling 6 barrels of ice up a ladder every week is getting old lol
  5. it is several thousand dollars to get all in on it. unless you will be producing thousands of gallons it really doesnt seem worth it.
  6. $995 to take care of the registration process, 995 a year to renew and keep everything up to date on the account with the FDA Also thy offer different packages for labels. each label is registered separately. so like one label is $695, but they have 5 and 10 bundle packs that will bring down the cost ( 5 pack = 595 a label) . my only issue with them is much like everyone else that i have had to deal with to get this process were it is. they are slow with response. That being said it took up to a week while setting up the portal by myself as the ESG folks would get back to me in two days to a week. You will have to have a third
  7. im finding that to be true, finding the necessary supplies is one thing , and you almost have to have a chemist on staff. We have a partner who is a chemist so that may help. there is certainly a boat load of money to be made if you can manage to jump through the right hoops. All the RFQs we ve had are in the millions of units. Every one. so we are trying to figure it out and throw some money at it. We are working with a company called rigistrar corp.if anyone knows of a better option we are all ears. Truth , Big Pharma is million times worse than dealing with the TTB. They usually do not like outsiders.
  8. have approx. 2500 glass 1/2 gallon jugs does anyone have a use for them
  9. i mixed all the spirits together in my small finishing still and hooked up my gin basket with berrys and spices, the result was like a super gin, but i then mixed that at 20 to 1 with our house gin. what i ended up with is pretty dam tasty Gin that sits at 94 proof drinks like an 80 proof and hangs in your mouth. Now to mass produce it ......
  10. we will be , along with the liquid type hand sanitizer we will be making a gel version as well, currently working on FDA approval
  11. it can go down 32 inches to the bottom of the pot
  12. close top i can do 14 inches straight down in. the hole itself is bigger but its angled on the side so if i followed the angle i would hit the propeller.
  13. I'm able to hook into a chiller @40 deg. Any idea who might make one commercially? I really dont have the time to fab one up.
  14. Looking for a drop in chiller. Have s 500 gallon copper pot. 160 deg.to 89 deg.
  15. I want to make an old style gin , much like the old dutch genever. i was playing with re distilling our gin though a second flavor pass through a gin basket. doing some reading i saw that back in the day they ran more of a whiskey base through some junipers, also some added rum, i thought about that , could i run say 4.5 parts vodka distilled from corn 2.5 parts vodka distilled from wheat, one part gin, one part corn whiskey, and one part rum in a still and run it through a gin basket with junipers and other traditional gin spices.i think the flavor profile would be pretty amazing not mention how it would just hang in your mouth. any thoughts ?
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