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  1. We have a product that we call hoppyhour.its a vodka but we got hung with DSS designation.we are a distillery and brewery in the same building. It's nice as the distiller I get to play with grains you wouldnt normally find hanging out at the distillery. Anyway we did a double IPA, distilled it out to 190 cut it back and added it to our house vodka.....final product is a 70 proof flavored vodka, but they said no. It's a DSS.
  2. I’m trying to upload a photo but am not able to
  3. So I got 5 gallons of agave nectar today.along with the yeasts . So I plan on a test batch with all the great things I ve picked up here at the forumn. If all goes well I will try to run a big batch . For me that is a 475 gallon still. I currently cook,ferment and distill out of the same rig. Does anyone see an issue with or has anyone had an issue fermenting agave in copper ?
  4. I know this is an old topic , but does anyone know if there is a company out there producing blue agave terrines ? If I can’t get pulp then terrines might help give me some of that extra kick I’m looking for. I plan on doing a batch as soon as my blue agave comes in. I found this thread to be very informative. I hope to be able to produce a spirit that closely resembles my favorite spirit.
  5. Does anyone have a source for agave pulp ? I currently distill right from grain. I don’t even do a strip run anymore . I do a spirit run on the grain. The flavors seem much more pronounced. I wanted to try my hand at some “ spirit of agave “ I would like to do the same for the same reason.
  6. Is anyone aware of an online classes that teach a corse on the ttb. I used to be in the asbestos removal world years ago. It was a fanominal amount of paperwork and reporting. But I took a 40 hr class to know what I needed to know. Like what things need to be done day to day week to week month quarter annually..........
  7. Thank you I am new to this part of the business and it is frustrating to say the least.
  8. I did submit a recipe for this spirit, when I submitted it I submitted it as a whisky. The formula was approved. Follow memo or in the descriptions they kicked it to the DSS . I also submitted a recipe for a gin which I wanted to call Genever style gin. I submitted it as a gin again it was approved but was told it was a DSS. Not a gin. I wanted to use genever as the fanciful name. They still said no .
  9. I recently submitted a recipe for Apple pie moonshine and it was approved. However it was kicked into distilled specialty spirits category. I really want sour mash corn whisky on the label......any thoughts as to why it was sent into that category I have seen other bottles with whisky on the bottle.
  10. Hey guys Dan here , running a 450gallon steam fired copper pot. Attached to 3 separate plated columns. A gin column, a 4 plate whisky column, and a16plate vodka column. Glad to be here. Also new to this system I be only been running it for a few months. The guy I was hired to “ assist “ bailed after I was here only 3 months. I have about 5 years of home experience. So this is kind of an adventure for sure. what I hope to get here is offer anything I can, and mostly share ideas as well as much as I can about federal and state stuff to keep us out of trouble.
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