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  1. Website and age restriction on homepage...

    ...and really annoying as a user. I've lost track of how many websites I've just closed because my 40 year old ass can't be bothered to fill out my birthdate.
  2. Water and waste water requirements

    Thanks for framing it that way, the numbers do start to look big to me, but I can see how an irrigation system would use exponentially more water than what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure I'll get the same "smile" when I turn in my estimate. - Michael
  3. Water and waste water requirements

    Riiiiiight. RO I can figure out based on production estimates, bottle rinsing seems like a negligible amount for the scale I'm looking at, but boiler blow down and cooling water, oh boy. I don't even know where to start with those. Probably the equipment manufacturer? Thanks for the heads up Sherman.
  4. Water and waste water requirements

    We've been slowly (understatement) pulling together our plans for a distillery and recently came across a property we are interested in. The county it is located in has asked us to indicate how much water we'll require and what volume of waste we'll produce is. That threw me for a curve. We are in Ontario and the legal requirement to have on-site sales is a 5000L still, which we'll use for producing low-wines and will also serve as our mash tun. Using brewer's mash water calculator I was able to estimate that we would use about 2500L during the process assuming evaporation and boil off scale proportionally from the 5G guide I used. If the output were 40% ABV, the total waste of water and solids would be 3000L, assuming I didn't try to capture the solids. Then there is obviously some water needed for cleanup, is it safe to think this is under 100 or so litres? Each distilled batch of low-wine would be obviously have some water waste left behind as well, but that's going to be a couple hundred litres of pretty clean water vs. the 5000L still output. Do those numbers seems reasonable at all? I'm trying to come up with a worse-case scenario since I think this is more about determining if the township can handle the requirements more than the facility. Am I completely off base?
  5. temperature cycling for barrel room

    I have no idea if the idea is feasible, or if it even makes any sense, but a few weeks ago the idea of running radiant heating under your barrels went through my head. The thinking was you would insulate the room fairly well and run "spent" steam from the still through the plumbing which would create a spike in the room temperature during still runs. I hadn't given it any more thought until I saw this thread.
  6. Filtering product after aging.

    I know some (if not all) bottle filling machines have inline filters just for that purpose.
  7. 1st year sales projection

    Are you running a 5000L stripping still to meet the retail requirement or did you find a different approach?
  8. Canada

    I think that was the idea behind this thread, but after a few months without a response, I didn't figure it would happen. I set up my board to fill that void. Really excited you guys got up and running... and in Toronto non-the-less! We are currently in the process of relocating simply because the property in Toronto was cost prohibitive. Looking at the Facebook page it seems you've chosen to forgo retail? I would love to swing up and visit once you guys get things ready.
  9. Canada

    I hope this isn't out of line, but I went ahead and set-up a forum for discussing Canadian microdistilling issues, with a by province breakdown. Obviously it has no users right now, but it should be ready to go. http://microdistilli...forum/index.php I don't know what I was thinking.
  10. What exactly is an infusion

    Your latter definition is the only one I've ever seen. If you added it to the mash it would just be an ingredient IMO.
  11. Canada

    Just saw your post about the "Alberta Class E review" and came into this forum to request the same. I was surprised to find this thread already started. I would love a separate Canada section to discuss these things.
  12. wholesale btls

    How many are you planning on buying? I was quoted $.22477 for 3200 from a company in Toronto. In my experience any price in Canada is going to be on the higher end of the spectrum, so .33 seems quite achievable. The company is http://richardspackaging.com and they have US sales, so you might want to call them for an estimate. - Michael
  13. Vodka: Character or Neutral?

    Can someone explain how any definition makes sense in a world with bubble gum flavoured vodka? Is the definition that there is no character beyond the flavouring offered on the bottle? Hypothetically, could someone produce a 51% corn, barrel aged spirit outside the United States and call it "Bourbon Flavoured Vodka"?
  14. Walk in Sales for Start up

    This is an interesting comment because I had discounted the value of walk in sales until I witnessed about 25+ people roll through Catoctin Creek one Saturday morning a few weeks ago. That was the first time I considered walk-in as a viable revenue stream.