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  1. Sorry about placing this in the General discussion.The reason is no real good place to put it otherwise. I originally posted a 3000 square foot building 50 by 60. I'm wanting to learn from the mistakes and successes of the members here in the Forum. If you would not mind please sharing your floor plan drawings, in order that I may review the rearrangement of access Andy Griffith, along with the workflow in the building. I know many of you have through trial and error found the best route, and I'm hoping that you will help me to find this route without spending an extreme amount of money, since I don't have extra to spend on a mistake, it could be the end of the venture. Thanks so much in advance Wilder. Baby Beagle Distillery LLC
  2. According to a representative from one Georgia Alcohol Tobacco and revenue office. How does the distillery license differ and the package for retail sales license. Does these license differentiate between the two businesses, does the distance between the distillery remain 1,000 yd. This is seeming to strup lawyers across several States. Can any of the experts sound off.
  3. A big thank you to Paul Hall and the great Great Folks at Affordable Distillery Equipment. Last week I made the 12-hour Drive from Georgia to Missouri. The drive was long, but oh oh oh oh so worth it. The good people there are glad to accommodate any request that you made would like( within reason). The business produces a quality of work that I have only seen in nuclear power plants. The work these guys do is unbelievable. They can do in the blink of an eye what I have been told cannot be done. The first picture (and best picture in my opinion) is of my still standing in my shop. The second picture would be of my still standing in Paul shop. The third picture is a perfect example of just how surprised you can be when traveling through the Ozarks. Just as you do not expect to find a Distillery equipment manufacturer in the Ozark Mountains, you do not expect to find a zebra. Low and behold both exist along Highway 160 in Missouri. Let the DSP application begin, I wish Paul could help me as much on my DSP as he has on a fantastic piece of equipment. I did fail to mention, that this was my design and Paul helped make it a reality. He can turn your dream, and your drawing into reality. The one thing you cannot find at Paul Hall's shop, is a cell phone signal, but they're nice enough to let you use the phone too. Thank you Paul Hall, Southernhighlander
  4. I've been talking with Paul, so much lately, I've been thinking of calling my distillery "Paul's Place". I can seriously say Paul has helped me more than anyone in the industry. No question is a dumb question when talking to him or his staff. He is easy talk to and great deal with.
  5. PM me the price of the unit, and individual components if you don't mind. I would also like production numbers. I have two twelve inch diameter 40 inch tubes. I may want you to do something custom. Thanks Wilder
  6. Those who have been around the still a time or two can taste the mash, and tell more about what was going on inside the batch, than a person with a college degree. I won't tell you where oldtimers like popcorn would say to put the thermometer. I have been around the old timers all my life, and have learned a great deal. This is not the type of thing that can be put on a resume, but when I do get the funds to start my company I will carry this knowledge with me. The sad thing is that the old timers are getting well, OLD and the art that has been developed over the years is being lost. I hope that I will live long enought to pass a secret or two along Legally, as jail will not be on my resume. I hope POPCORN'S legend never dies. Men like him are what made America. I only hope the spirit that this company makes is a spirit that we can all be proud to drink. Do Popcorn proud, only hire people in accounting with a degree. Good Luck
  7. My big problem is finding funding. I had a truly award winning business plan for a business I now own, but I could not get a dime from a bank for this business. The distillery is no different. I'm hear watching and learning, the day will come when I have the funds to start this business.
  8. The fines are based on what "their" estimation of a distillers capacity. The tax that they estimate is also part of the fine and count on an IRS audit. This not counting the straight fine and probation fees, etc, etc. They states are broke at this point and will take any money they can get. Home distilling I think would be a great hobby, but could be expensive if all the paper work is not done properly.
  9. Who care's? Let me think, maybe the TTB or State revenue agents. I personally see nothing wrong with what you said, but anyone on any forum should be careful. No one ever knows who might be reading this or any other forum. Just a thought.
  10. I think you may have misunderstood this site. The people here are considering starting a legal distillery, or are allready distilling spirits legally. These people would never consider doing anything illegal. Keep this in mind when making your next post. A person wanting to start up a business can learn a lot, a person engaged in illegal activity can learn a lot also, if you get my drift. (Just a Thought)
  11. Thanks This was exactly what I expected. In a good way.
  12. The question is, if a new manufacture starts in a three tier state, can spirits manufactured be entered in compititions. The reason I ask this question is, if this is possible it would allow some leverage when negotiating a contract with a distributor. A top quiality spirit would comand a much higher price that an, " I just made this ", I'm a new company", type of talk. Any thoughts? Mainly legal.
  13. Unlikly spot to find gold in the form of starting you business, but here it is listen and don't just dismiss offhand. http://www.bobparson...&ci=13338&id=-1
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