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Has anyone had any experience with off shore bottle suppliers?  I am currently debating going to a custom bottle with an off shore manufacturer but I am unsure of the suppliers and was wondering if anyone had any experiences and/or advice to share good or bad.  Specifically, I am looking at a chinese company for production of my bottles that would cut my costs but almost half delivered...




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Long ago the cost associated with setting up a custom glass bottle in Indiana were extreme! The mold then has to be replaced every so many bottles.

It would be fantastic to have a custom bottle...

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Hi Mike,

9 times out of 10, if you order bottles from a random chinese company, you will get terrible quality bottles.  Both cosmetic and functional defects.  That said, there are a handful of factories that are capable of making very good bottles.  But even with these factories, you still cannot totally rely on their quality control processes.  Your best bet is to work with a U.S. company like us or others like us, who handle all of the chinese manufacturing for you.  We have been doing this for over 10 years and have our own team of QC workers on the ground in China.  While our prices might not be quite as low as ordering directly from the chinese factory, it is still much lower than American and European glass factories.  And we can guarantee that you will receive a high quality product.   Not just for the bottles, but also labeling and decoration, closures, shipper cartons, and anything else packaging related.  I would be happy to discuss more if you wanted to call or email. michael@fusion-glassworks.com.  855-503-8746.


-Michael Ferchak



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Having done a bit of business in China here are a few things to look out for: 1) have samples tested for lead. We ran into a big issue with lead in paint for products that were certified lead free. 2) probably best to inspect before shipment, either do it yourself or have someone else do it for you.  The first batch may be good and then they will make changes to lower cost. If you don't inspect parts until they arrive you will get a bad batch. 3) small firms will require payment up front, this will effect your cash flow.  They are so small that they have to have you finance the order.  4) to get good prices you will be dealing with local small companies. Big companies know what it should cost and your price will be close to a us price once landed. 

With all that, it isn't impossible to get a good deal, but it isn't easy to get a combination of low pricing and high quality.  I have talked to suppliers here and they will do custom molds, but the moq is higher than I could use. 

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I understand your problem.  If this China company is a broker, you may have problems. We are in the business for 20 years supplying custom glass bottles from China.  Your best protection is to have the China company submit a quality report before shipping and paying the final balance.  We use a third party quality inspection company named Asia Inspection. They send a quality inspector to the factory in your behalf to inspect the bottles. See attached quality report they submit before anything ships from China.750ml headframe O-cn3-1101310_1rev.pdf . I would like the opportunity to quote this bottle for you. Below is ur offering.

Thank you for the opportunity to work on your custom glass bottle. I am confident we can produce the quality glass you require, in time and within budget. The offering is as follows:

Also, you are only 6 weeks from a reorder and do not need to worry about a distributor having your bottle in inventory.  Why buy a stock bottle when you can have your very own custom bottle? We offer custom design glass bottles. We decorate using Embossing, Spray Painting, Acid Etch Frosting, Silk Screen Printing, and Multi Color Decaling. Making your own custom bottle allows you to emboss your company name, logo, or design into the glass.


Order Quantity = 10,000 pieces fitting a 20 foot container

Mold Cost = $2,000

750ml Bottle Price = $0.80 Ex-works our China factory (you can arrange the transport if you like)

DDU Transport Price to your warehouse via ocean shipment = 0.40 ($4,000 total)

Total Price = 1.20 DDU delivered to your 44077 warehouse


1 week = bottle drawing

3 weeks = unit mold and sample the bottle

3 weeks = production molds and schedule production

1 weeks = run production

4 weeks = ocean ship to the USA


1- Provide the ship to address, quantity, bottle shape, capacity, neck finish and decoration details

2- We provide a price quote.

3- If the price quote is acceptable, issue a PO

4- We make the engineering drawing for your approval

5- When the engineering drawing is approved, we make the mold and sample the bottle

7- When the bottle samples are approved, we schedule and run production

8- Bottles are packed into corrugated master cartons with internal dividers, palletized, strapped, and stretch wrapped

9- A MIL105e quality inspection is performed before anything ships

We are all about making good things happen. Given the chance, I will deliver the quality glass bottles you require. I want this order. Send me the details of your custom bottle. Please call me to discuss

Robert K. Miller


750ml headframe O-cn3-1101310_1rev.pdf

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On 10/1/2016 at 2:44 PM, daveflintstone said:

Don't trust any bottle maker in China that is not owned and run by westerners.  You will regret it.  Many times over.


What are some of the ones that you'd recommend looking into?

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Sorry I missed this one.

You don't need to go overseas for custom glass and you don't need to buy large quantities.

We work with you on your custom design and run minimums as low as 2,500 bottles.  Plus our factory is in Mexico City, so we deliver by truck and can hit anywhere in the US in about a week.

Tooling for small production (semi-automatic) is less than $10K.  Small run pricing is not going to be at automatic stock bottle levels, but you get to be in your custom design and build your brand.  

Would love to hear what you decided.


Pavisa Glass

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