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Fermentation stops @ 50%

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On 9/16/2017 at 11:16 AM, Jongood said:

Add 150ml of Alpha Amaylase at 165f

Is this correct?  I believe this is the same thing as your high temp enzymes but not thermostable. This could be your culprit. You need both alpha and glucoamylase -- the former makes long chain sugars, the latter cuts those so they can be fermented.  Can you confirm two apha additions?


Edit: Just read @DenverDistiller's comments after I posted my reply. What he said!

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I remember someone posting about a similar sudden 50% yield loss quite a few years ago. I finally tracked it down.

His conclusion was

"I finely contacted the local Farm Administration to check out the quality of the last batch of corn I got in. Per bushel weight was moderately low which in turn made available starches LOW. We brought in a different strain of corn and thing got back to normal."

Denver Distiller, you were a contributor

You should be able to find the thread here 


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Well fellas,

I figured out the problem and wanted to run a batch successfully before posting on here. 

After checking everything suggested... I rechecked my enzymes and have apparently been using beta-glucanase as my beta-amylase since the last order (when the problem started).

I usually order a high-temp alpha, beta, and beta glucanase.  I apparently ordered 2 beta glucanase containers and never second guessed it.  I put them in the usual places in the cooler and have been grabbing them like usual, not looking at the actual containers. I was even placing the beta glucanase in the cup labeled betaamylase...a small oversight, but an incredibly frustrating and expense learning lesson. 

I'm glad that the problem is easily solved...but incredibly disappointed in my oversight.  I've successfully fermented 2 batches since realizing the issue, all ferment fully and taste great. 

I appreciate everyone's suggestions and help along the way.


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