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I have recently had some time to experiment with some rice; I found out a way to clean the inside of my still. Though the rice polished the inside of our pot, the ferment and subsequent distillation yielded next to nothing. I cooked to 190F and held for an hour with high temp. alpha amylase, cooled to 155F and added gluco amylase and continued to cool to pitch temp (80F). SG read 1092 (2.5 lbs/gallon)- FG 1070 the next morning. It was almost as if I didn't get a conversion and got a false SG reading. It was pretty sweet to taste initially, though. Any ideas on what might have happened here? this is my very first attempt with rice and had high hopes but...

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Grind the rice. The finer you grind it, the less it needs cooked and the better the conversion. Unfortunately, the finer the grind, the harder to separate, if that is a factor.

I heat the rice flour to 200 F while stirring, turn off heat, coast down to 185 and add Sebstar HTL, minimal stir occasionally as it coasts down to 155 F and add gluco, minimal stir and coast down to pitching temp.

When I say minimal stir, I mean a few minutes every half hour.

Rice is like molasses, the Specific Gravity is very hard to read correctly. Doesn't mean it didn't convert.

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did u test the gravity with a refractometer or hydrometer . bear in mind tasting sweet can be deceptive to determine conversion the same enzymes that convert starch in your mash is also in your mouth so are you tasting sweet because its converted or are u tasting sweet because it converting  in your mouth lol . 


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