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  1. Here a link to news item , great representation from type 1 manufacturers, unfortunately there was no comments from any of the type 2 manufactures . Would have bin good to hear there take on the new policy change . Tim
  2. https://globalnews.ca/news/7611235/craft-alcohol-industry-saskatchewan-liquor-gaming-authority/
  3. So here is a bit of an update , the provincial govt has posted on there web site the new type 1 and type 2 regulations . Here is the link go to craft bulletin #3 to get the update. https://www.slga.com/liquor/for-craft-producers Hope this helps other jurisdictions to step up and protect there craft producers. British Columbia is still the leader of the pack but were happy with the advancement we have been given in our fight for truth in advertising and keeping our industry honest . Tim
  4. I totally agree with silk city . Everything has its own detectable flavour hell hair spray ,boat gas and turbo yeast are very common flavour notes. We have same law up here but it is a law that would never stand up in court. I dont think there is a vodka on the market that a trained person couldnt taste and tell you what the mash bill was. We learned a big lesson when we started marketing in eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans dont favor north american vodkas because there is not taste in it , they refer to it as turn and burn. Great mixer if you mix ur drinks but most dont. Its also interesting to note that alot of eastern European vodkas that are shipped to canada taste nothing like the same brand that is sold in the country it was made in . Weird huh
  5. Would you be able to take a close up pic of the tightners on the bands thanx
  6. Ok let me reword this . Is there any bottle supplier that is willing to stock this bottle
  7. Hi looking for bottle supplier that stocks the Louisville 750ml bottles. Tim
  8. Yes it would be positive to see right across canada . There has been some horrible trends take off in saskatchewan over the past 2 years hopefully this is a start to fixing the problem . Tim
  9. Thanks guys were so pumped about it , next big step is educating the public and pushing the distinction to our over seas crowd . It was perfect timing for us , coincided with the release of our new pulse crop spirit line. As soon as i have a link to the manufacturing license ill post it .
  10. Well friday was a great day for Saskatchewan, the govt released the new rules for distilleries in this province . Since early summer the govt has been trying to fix the problem. In last 2 years the craft industry here has bin a mad rush for the bottom shelf , who can sell the cheepest gns . Now the govt has split the industry into 2 groups type 1 and type 2 . Type1 being distillery that mash and ferment 100 percent of there product . And type 2 those who source there product (ngs) and simply bottle it . Along with this distinction comes a fifty percent drop in production taxes for type 1 Distllers and roughly double production tax for type 2 . Unfortunately they are are still allowing type 2 operations to use the term craft .....but iguess we ll have to let the public decide what craft means . We really wanted for the govt to take the stand of the BC govt regarding use of sourced alcohol and calling yourself craft . How ever we are happy to have the distinction from the govt so we can educate the public . Its yet to be seen if type 2 are going to still have craft benefits like self distributing, tasting rooms, ect ect . I ll keep u posted Tim
  11. Keep in mind with live steam u have the option of steam injection its a great option for grain in proccess.
  12. Incase anyone is wondering about quality on joes barrels , the barrels he has shipped us were incredible, very impressed . Tim
  13. We were just talking about this ....here were taxed on absolute alcohol ..so if u proof down in the barrel that wont change the aboslute alcohol in barrel . Or are we wrong
  14. Love your set up pete it has been the inspiration to many changes in our distillery. Tim
  15. Good luck working with pea starch .
  16. Curious why u would switch from roller to hammer
  17. Dont have the link but company name is summit labels in vancouver .....sheesh i thought they were in calgary .
  18. We had same problem with under sized kernels , solved it with a tighter sized screen during the cleaning process got rid of them right off the get go
  19. Actually we found a printing company in calgary that can handle all our short run products , so we decided to go with that for now , im glad cuz its one less thing to worry about . Tim
  20. Joe dehner is a great barrel supplier , we just got a shipment of barrels from him ,great barrels , good guy to deal with . Kim
  21. What is your cooling time to crash 500 gallons to pitch temp
  22. Totaly off topic but is that a wooden malt drum in back ground of first pic . Or a grain cleaner. Tim
  23. Hello everyone we still have this equiptment were open to consider any offers , need this stuff out of the warehouse , feel free to thro out a low ball offer
  24. Those are excellent links thanks for posting , we are in process of rebuilding our rick house , it has 2 foot thick stone walls wonderful old building that is perfectly suited for aging in our northern climate . Great info
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