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Botanical Spirits Workshop


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Whether you make gin, aquavit, botanical vodka, absinthe, liqueurs, or other botanical spirits, come and join David T Smith, International Gin Author and Consultant, and friends for a deep dive into the world of botanicals!

The team discusses a range of advanced techniques for extracting botanicals with topics including:

  • Maceration/infusion (including ABV, time, temperature, and preparation)
  • Pro/Cons of distilling Botanicals-In and Botanicals-Out[1]
  • Use of different stills, including Pot, Vapor Infusion, and Vacuum
  • ABV of charge for a still
  • Use of dried vs. fresh botanicals and their preparation
  • Use of Terroir and ensuring consistency
  • The chemical composition of botanicals
  • Unconventional botanicals and how to treat them
  • New techniques, including ultrasonic maceration
  • Quality control and product stability
  • Scaling production
  • Ensuring that the brand on the outside of your bottle reflects the liquid inside


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