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  1. If you have access to a lot of electric power then you can by this old type of Miller AC/DC 300A and 500A tig welder ( Gold star) very cheap today… We have 2pc of the 300a and 1pc of the 500a version and they are very simple to work with and made very good welds even in 5mm copper….. Cheers from Sweden
  2. This is wery interesting thing to discuss becouse am the man behind the crystall dragon…. But a have Right in what a say… Think, try to do that all of you… then you all shall come to same conclusion that a have done and many others….. It is simply not a safe solution with a plate between this ferrule that can do so the sealing can leak… because the pressure is Note on the sealing but on the plate…. Think…. To get a Safe solution/sealing then you need to put the plate in the middle of the sealing and this give a little thicker sealing so you need to made the ferrule edge little thinner… Note a Big problem to get a Safe solution… Think and do it Right …. This is for Hobby use and to testing out different type of plates if you Note can garantie to 100% that it shall Note leak after a time…. And who can do that with this solution with the plate that can do so the sealing is leaking, becouise all pressure is on the plate.. note the sealing..…… Think again… What shall happen IF this bad/ week solution shall leak and you get a explosion….. What would happen if this faulty joint solution with the plate in between that can cause leaks alcohol steam resulting in an explosion ........ It can be Expensive....Think again... I hope that you have a good Insurance... becouse this can be expensive if som people get heart or die..... Who is responsible for this? You who are sellers of it, or the user? Think again……. I only try to get you to Think... becouse it is cheaper to do this Before then After anyting happens... End of this... becouse a have no profit on this... a only try to get you to Think...... Cheers from a Legally manufacture that Think and user inside EU with all of it,s laws….
  3. If you relly wan to made this type of connection Safe… then you have a bigger/thicker sealing that you put on the distilling plate in a cut track in the middle of the sealing … So the distilling plate is in the middle and have sealing on both side… then this is a good and Safe solution…. But then you need to made the edges of the ferrules thinner so the thicker gasket ( with the plate in the middle) fits ... more difficult than it's actually not ... Cheers from Sweden
  4. I have seen this 4” and bigger copper module before and they was made in Kina….. This is a Dangerous way to build a column…. Yeas… now you all wonder Whay a say this… Think… first you have a distilling plate with a thickness between 1,0mm-1,5mm that you need to have sealed/tight to both this ferrule … and If you don’t have that this liquid bed shall simply self drain to next level.. note god… the plate shall note work… And around/outside this distilling plate you have a sealing that shall seal both this ferrule against each other and the plate … Think what happen when both ferrule have 100% contact to the distilling plate and the sealing don’t have enough pressure on it to hold it 100% steam safe…. This is a Dangerous solution … and nothing for commercial use…. Only for hobby and testing different type of plate …. Cheers from a Legally user and manufacture in Sweden inside EU …
  5. My CuSi3 that a can find here in Sweden to both Tig and to Mig… Have 3% Si=Kisel and 1%MG= Mangan and rest Copper…. Noting more…. http://www.meltolit.se/MIG-kopparbaslegerade.htm This is what a use and a always put all welds on the Outside so the welds have No waport contakt to the product….. Cheers from Sweden
  6. Whay dont you go for ss top to yours ss boiler and hemisfärisk so you have better space for "foam controll" and copper over that! This is an Old swedish insulated milktank that a have put on this hemisfärisk top and put in 3pc 5500watt/ 3,1watt cm2 ATEX/EX classified elekrtic heaters in the back straight in the mash..... Cheers from Sweden
  7. Something that I will try in the future is that I shall "test" Mig weld ss to copper with siliconbronze/Cusi3 but with a Mig welder that has pulsfuntion both single and double pulse and " only" just to see if this is possible and what the result look like, and if it is sealed and have No leaks... ... and with No flux.... only with single and dubble puls... Merry Crismas and a Happy New year to you all from Sweden!
  8. http://forumbilder.se/ECSEF/img-3484 We are soon building distilling plants for full time here in Sweden! legally and to match all laws like ATEX/EX and some more EU directive inside EU! https://www.facebook.com/#!/FalbygdensBranneriAb/ Before we hard silver solder ss to copper but today we Tigweld it with Cusi3! But am very interested to now more about “de-oxidized copper TIG rod” to Tigweld ss to copper! Cheers from Sweden
  9. No problem to Tigwelding copper to ss with Cusi3 but a always keep al weelds on the outside so the alcoholwapor dont have any contact with this welds.. Cheers from Sweden
  10. This is the best a can help you with, becouse a live inside EU. Here can you go in and control what the safety valve can handle in saturned steam.... and with a safety valve that have a set pressure as low/5psi as this below a think and hope that yours discussion is over with the goverment.... don’t forget to lead the safety valve outlet to outside of the building.... http://www.apollovalves.com/_literature ... safety.pdf 5psi= 0,35kg/cm2 http://www.amazon.com/Apollo-Valve-13-211-Bronze-Pressure/dp/B008837YUK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1436550337&sr=8-3&keywords=Safety+valve++5+psi Apollo Valve 13-211 Series Bronze Safety Relief Valve, ASME Steam, 5 psi Set Pressure, 3/4" NPT Male x Female Brand Name Apollo Valve Part Number 13211B05 Cheers from a Legally manufacure inside EU
  11. Now it,s time that you tell why you sell this plant ........ Do you have problem to get it approved by the goverment inside EU... Cheers from Sweden
  12. Here is the Answere to what a still must "meet up to" inside EU to be legally...... http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/mechanical/files/atex/guide/atex-guidelines_en.pdf http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/pressure-and-gas/files/ped/ped-guidelines_en.pdf Inside EU we all legally manufactures must meet the ATEX/EX Direktive/demands/ Law so all electric componets on the still and inside the ATEX/EX zone type Electric heaters, electric water valve, electric controllpanel on still, safety valve below 0,5bar or the boiler must be CE tested and aproved and more must be ATEX/EX classified.... All electric parts "on the bolier" and inside the ATEX/EX zone, around the boiler must be ATEX/EX classified and the boiler must have a approved ( ATEX/EX) safetyvalve that are below 0,5 bar ore the boiler is classified as a Pressure boiler........ Sorry but my English issnt better... Hope a have ansewere yours question of what the legally demands is inside EU.... Cheers from Sweden
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