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  1. Once again I have found the answer to a very specific question by searching through the Forum Archives... Thank you dhdunbar!
  2. By the way, it is critical to de-stem the blossoms since the stems contain a cyanide inducing glycoside. Same goes for the elderberries. Also, do not use unripe elderberries.
  3. We are making ours using only fresh picked, de-stemmed elderblossoms and macerating them for six to eight weeks. The dried just doesn't have the floral nose and the flavor is not the same. Also, the dried won't include a significant amount of pollen, which is important to the flavor profile. We are planting more elderberry plants this spring for future production. They don't take many years to mature to flower/fruit bearing. We only collect part of the plants blossoms and allow the rest to fruit. We use the elderberries to make Elderberry Flavored Vodka (w/o sugar). It's classified as a
  4. Does the larger tank have a lid? Where are you located?
  5. We are also looking for a used 4 or 6 spout gravity bottle filler. We are located in upstate New York in the Delaware/Sullivan County area. Is anyone upgrading to a bigger filler? Thanks, Terry
  6. Thanks MG, we thought we were going to need cooling, but our 560 foot well through solid bluestone came in as a gusher and we now have the purest water coming out at 49 degrees!
  7. HedgeBird, I feel your pain. We are pretty remotely located and most truckers refuse to attempt our long driveway, so they off load right on the road (and always deliver during a blizzard). Fortunately, our road gets very little traffic so we don't get complaints about tying up the roadway. I'll keep the shipping in mind when ordering.
  8. The federal government has seen fit to grant us a DSP Permit. We are sending in our application to the great State of New York! Any and all advice on sourcing bottles, labels and tops would be appreciated. Hoping to post our open hours in early summer. Thanks to many of you on this forum, your guidance has been invaluable. Terry at Rock Valley Spirits
  9. Hello from upstate New York! My husband Jim and I have been restoring an old barn on the family farm for well over a year, and are doing the final paperwork to submit our application to the TTB. The still, fermenters and mash tun are in the building and we are hoping to start up late spring or early summer. We have visited many of you in the Hudson Valley and in the Delaware/Sullivan County region, and we greatly appreciate the advice and encouragement you have given us. Thanks also to many of you on this forum, it has been so helpful. Terry at RVS
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