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  1. Can I get a pint of each to try in out? Dandaly308@gmail.com
  2. My boss ordered this one https://www.cpesystems.com/products/high-proof-alcohol-variable-speed-portable-pump has any one hade any experiences with this type? Thanks bud
  3. I like the diaphragm pumps, thats our back up, but we arent set up with an outside air compressor yet so the noise is a factor and the filter manufacture we use says that the filters do best with a constant flow. The pump was an AMT 285E-X5
  4. We use another process after it is distilled to remove the remaining water. It was actually 99.6%. I cant elaborate further due to a non disclosure agreement. We still have the 250 gallon with the rust that we will filter and re distill and then charcoal filter to be safe. We were using an AMT 285E-X5 which the guy swore it was food grade and all stainless steel. We should have done some more home work.
  5. Hey All, I had an issue with a pump we were using to transfer and recirculate alcohol at 99%. The pump started to rust after a few days and ruined a lot of product. Does anyone have any good suggestions for pumps rated for High Proof Alcohol that are explosion proof and food grade. I would like to get around 50gpm. Thanks.
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