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  1. We are F-1/S-1. We are newer construction with proper ventilation and sprinkled. I approached our AHJ's about an increase beyond our 240 gallon MAQ. We are now allowed almost 900 gallons as a phase one based on the new code.
  2. We are F-1/S-1. We are newer construction with proper ventilation and sprinkled. Based on another thread on this forum I approached our AHJ's about an increase beyond our 240 gallon MAQ. We are now allowed almost 900 gallons as a phase one based on the information contained in these documents. The 2021 IBC 307.1.1 notes 18 &19 state that distilleries should follow the 2021 IFC regulations. Chapter 40 of the 2021 IFC is a new chapter that was added. It clearly states the rules that distilleries should follow. In this chapter it states that the chapters 50 and 57 of the 2021 IFC do not apply to spirits stored in barrels.
  3. Has anyone heard of this? We are being asked to do some blending, bottling and labeling but I cannot find anything on this type of spirit. I couldn't find anything that was close in CLASS AND TYPE DESIGNATIONS. Any information would be helpful.
  4. Unfortunately he is incorrect. He is your AHJ and it sounds like he does not want any of the devils brew in his domain. You need to tread very lightly here. Did you ask him to provide the specification he was referencing? He may simply tell you that it's that way because he said so. People like @Dalkita can quote chapter and verse of what is allowed but that will cost you a consulting fee. Here's their take on MAQ https://www.dalkita.com/maqs-maximum-allowable-quantities/ I am not an architect or engineer, they are. Are you a H3 classification now? The only way you would be classified as H-3 would be if you were exceeding the 120 gallons since you are not sprinkled. If you stay under 120 gallons you would be F-1 since you are not sprinkled. The table he should be referring to is at 307.1 check out notation c. at the bottom of the table. https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IBC2018/chapter-3-occupancy-classification-and-use
  5. https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IFC2018/chapter-50-hazardous-materials-general-provisions
  6. Couldn't find anything in various codes. This would be something to discuss with your AHJ. As far as the TTB goes, you should refer to this thread.
  7. IBC's may not be used for storage, they are only for shipping. https://www.dalkita.com/prohibition-on-flammable-liquids-in-plastic-totes/
  8. Facebook post on Distilling Set Up FB page Nicole Evelyn shared her first post. · Sdeptmemobertg 2e8 naSdt 3:16 mPMfctc · Hello, I have 11 pallets of OI 750ml Vida Bottles for sale. 2.09/ bottle. We have extra and know they are in short supply these days. Located in Sarasota, Fl.
  9. Okay, so you're all set and do not have a question or problem, right?
  10. You can have up to 4 control areas. Take a look at the doc from my March 5, 2019 post in this thread. However, this may not be the way to go moving forward. What are you really trying to do, have a MAQ higher than 240 gallons but remain F-1? If you could give some background as to the problems you are encountering or your goals, someone here will likely be able to help.
  11. Which, outside tanks or additional control areas?
  12. I think you are misunderstanding. Each State has it own codes based on a version of IBC. My local AHJ cannot override those codes nor can others without ignoring the law in his State. The problem with your logic is if they were to override and something happened based on a code violation, the lawsuit would be flying everywhere.
  13. Here's the scoop from one AHJ. My guy invited me to explore dual classification with my architect. BUT, Ohio code is based on IBC 2017 or earlier since it was adopted in Ohio in 2017. (All states are different) SO, I shot him back a quick questions which was: "Since the Ohio Building code is based on IBC 2017 or early, I would not be able to take advantage of this new code since it is based on 2021 IBC. Am I correct?" His answer was that "My assumption made sense" In my case, I will wait until Ohio adopts IBC 2021 and try again. Cheers
  14. Thanks @SlickFloss Actually we're good. But, if I didn't have to be concerned about an MAQ, it would be even better. I'm going through this fact finding for the other folks on this forum as well as myself. I have a wonderful building inspector and a great fire inspector, they want us to be here and are giving me every opportunity to investigate dual classification.
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