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  1. Long story short, dogs may be okay but not other animals. http://doglawreporter.blogspot.com/2015/12/fda-food-production-rules-grant-access.html#:~:text=Domesticated animals must be excluded,guide dogs may be allowed
  2. Okay, different question. Anyone working with Drizly.com or Caskers.com? If so, how is it working out?
  3. Does anyone have any experience with these folks? If so, how have they been to work with? https://www.thewhiskeydealer.com/
  4. Just got this from our insurance company. Is anyone else be asked for venting to outdoors? We are in a new building the has proper air exchange and is C1D2 compliant. We have a vapor detector and a powered floor vent as well. Each still should be protected for excess pressure and vacuum. Stills should be equipped with vacuum and pressure relief devices that are piped to outdoors. Any condenser vents should also be piped to outdoors. Vents should be sized to discharge the maximum vapor generation possible at zero feed and maximum heating within the pressure limitations of the protect
  5. Saw this on the Ohio Craft Brewers FB page It looks like CBMTRA is going to make it through in the most recent federal legislation. Senator Rob Portman has been instrumental in making this happen and would like to share the news directly with our breweries on a conference call tomorrow (Monday, December 21) at noon. If you'd like to be on that call please email me for the call-in details at mary@ohiocraftbeer.org
  6. Just Google "Connecticut Beverage Attorney" and you will find what you need like these folks https://www.bymlaw.com/liquor-law/
  7. Congrats Tim, do you have a link to the legislation you can share? I'd like to see if I can get our representatives in Ohio interested in something similar. Cheers!
  8. We do our own proofing but if you're in a hurry and don't want to watch the TTB video and buy the lab still. These people are who you want to talk to. Lauren Sandell Lab Manager TTB Certified Beer Chemist Kombucha Queen https://kathinkalabs.com/ Cell: (970) 889-0208 Kathinka Labs 1402 Laporte Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80521
  9. We have two electrics, one direct fire and one bain marie both 500 liter. Heat up time is long. On the flip side, we were already wired for 208 3 phase and our electric rates are around 5 cents per kwh. If I had to do it all over I would still go with electric but I would have substituted our stripper which in the bain marie with a small continuous column. On the other hand, our spirits still makes great Whiskey and Vodka and we wouldn't want to part with it.
  10. Have you read the info on slow proofing on this forum? Got rid of the haziness in our spirits (not rum)
  11. We filled a lot of 50ml bottles with sanitizer when no other containers were available. In that case we used a label that the FDA approved that we printed in house. Has anyone seen a true benefit of going to the trouble of creating variety packs or singles as a way to get several types of spirits into the hands of the consumer? Between filling, special labels, COLA approval, a special box (variety pack) this seems like a loser for a craft distiller. Any thoughts? Cheers!
  12. All job new jobs posting have moved to https://jobs.distilling.com/
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