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  1. We use a pour lid for a Mason jar. Works fine for us. We did many hundreds of bottles of sanitizer with this setup when we couldn't find any spray containers. https://barproducts.com/products/plastic-mason-jar-lid-with-pour-spout-1
  2. It depends on the state. In Ohio, we cannot sell a new product until we have an approved COLA. You need to contact your state liquor control board to check on the regulations in your state.
  3. We just bought a new pump for our unit from these folks. https://www.winemakersdepot.com/Bottle-Filler-Parts-C322.aspx
  4. Thatch


    You have not told us much. Will this be gas/steam or electric? What will you be making or will you be buying NGS and re-distilling. I assume one still but am I assuming correctly? How much space do you really have available? Do you need storage? Will you have a tasting room? How do you intend to sell what you make? The folks here will be happy to help but you need to have a better plan/explanation than what you have presented.
  5. I may not understand your question but if you do not have a problem falling into the Distilled Spirits Specialty category than you can have flavors from companies like Sovereign, they have many TTB approved flavors. As @bluestarsaid above, your label would say "XXX flavored whiskey" https://www.sovereignflavors.com/ttb-flavors/
  6. We sold less than 150 cases our first year
  7. We use a pressurized tank provide by Buckeye Hydro. They have a very nice, compact RO system. With the pressurized tank we have a good flow. We stop the RO system prior to each proofing run and empty the tank once we are done proofing until the next time we need to proof. https://www.buckeyehydro.com/
  8. Is he saying the the actual dumping is an ignition source? If so, you should read this article on brewery and distillery hazard assessment. Although it is an article from the UK, they do not consider the dumping of milled grain as an ignition source. But, they do say that thermal decomposition can cause dust to self ignite. http://www.hazardexonthenet.net/article/60418/Hazard-assessment-in-the-brewing-and-distilling-industries.aspx
  9. Could be you didn't use the right search criteria. Did you try Arrack, Aragh? You know, kinda like whiskey vs whisky.
  10. We use the rolling stairs as pictured above. I'm not sure about your concerns on approval or sparking, this is the way most brewery and distilleries start out. I'd be more concerned about OSHA showing up when someone is hauling a bag up the ladder.
  11. The sensor will be helpful but you need ventilation. A wall vent with a fan that is triggered by the sensor would do the job.
  12. That might be old news. We are out of the business but this used to be allowed. adiforums.com/topic/11684-ttb-public-guidance-march-26-2020/?tab=comments#comment-67180
  13. You can go either direction based on the various threads and papers on this forum. If it is denatured you do not have to pay federal tax. If it is not, you do.
  14. Sorry, we did not go that direction. We used the WHO formula approved by the FDA which consists of: We are registered with the FDA for our product. If you need any, let me know. $25/gallon FOB 44212
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