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  1. All very good points Paul. He's the one who said wind, solar, not me. Since he brought it up, I had to assume that he had access or was considering building something.
  2. You said "wind, solar", these are ways to generate electricity. Where does coal come in? You say you want to be green, well wind and/or solar are a great way and using an electric still is right down that path
  3. This forum is filled with stories of boiler installation costing in excess of 100k. Since you want to be self sustaining, why aren't you considering electricity? When you talk about wind and solar, electric would likely be the best option. We have three electrics with no green power but with a 5cent/Kwh electric rate. Our tun is 500 gallon as is our fermenters which are glycol cooled. You've got the cooling part coverer very well. Our stills are a 125 gallon bain marie stripper and a 125 spirits still. We are in the process of bringing online a small continuous column to be used as a s
  4. Our Chocolate Vodka is as clear as the original Vodka. We've never had a problem. Our dosage is only 3% Simple Syrup plus the flavoring. We use a bar grade product.
  5. Thatch

    Explosive limits

    Hi Pete, We use an RKI PS2 as do many other distillers in the US. We're happy with it. If it hits its limit it turns on an exhaust fan that is about 18 inches above the floor. We test it once a year with butane that I am told has similar properties to ethanol vapor to see if the alarm goes off and if the fan comes on. We also have it sounding an alarm. The cost of the device was less than $500 USD. I think the test kit was extra> It seems that your spec is dramatically stricter than ours. You are correct, we are 25% of 3.3%. You and @Silk City Distillershave been aroun
  6. This doesn't answer your question, but perhaps you do not need to add quite as much. If my math is correct, you are using approximately 2.5 ml/L. We use about 1/10th of that and do not use the dishwashing liquid We had a significant problem with foaming and tried the commercial products which worked well but were quite expensive. We tried most of the experiments mentioned in the DIY defoamers thread. We settled on olive oil only. We use 300 ml for a 1350 liter ferment. No more foam issue during ferment or puking during distillation. Our wort is a 100% barley malt mash. We do laute
  7. You do not have to sprinkle. There are many distilleries that are F-1 occupancy. F-1 does not require sprinklers but limits your MAQ. Even with sprinklers you can be F-1 and have a MAQ of 240 gallons. That's code. However, if your AHJ says you have to sprinkle, they are the last word.
  8. Perhaps I misunderstood your initial post. Yes, the DSP needs to be separated from the tasting room by a floor to ceiling wall but that has nothing to do with sprinklers. If you've researched other areas of this forum searching on "MAQ" or "AHJ" you will find a wealth of information on what you can and cannot do. In short, without sprinklers your MAQ will be 120 gallons not in bottles within your DSP. That includes barrels.
  9. Not sure what you are referring to. Please send a link to the source of the "ttb guidelines" you are quoting. You also haven't said anything about occupancy and whether you are seeking H-3 or F-1. Your OP had to do with design of a tasting room and has evolved into a discussion on sprinklers.
  10. Long story short, dogs may be okay but not other animals. http://doglawreporter.blogspot.com/2015/12/fda-food-production-rules-grant-access.html#:~:text=Domesticated animals must be excluded,guide dogs may be allowed
  11. Okay, different question. Anyone working with Drizly.com or Caskers.com? If so, how is it working out?
  12. Does anyone have any experience with these folks? If so, how have they been to work with? https://www.thewhiskeydealer.com/
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