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Flexible Screw Conveyor

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Flexible screw conveyor.  9 meters long - 3.5 inch diameter - 480 volt 3 phase motor - weighs something less than 200 lbs - used less than 5 times - buyer pays freight from 44212 - Other specs from the manufacturer below

Flexible screw conveyor - Picture 1 of 1

1. Screw: the material of screw is manganese steel, it has good wear-resisting and flexible.
2. Wear-resisting pipe: The material of screw pipe is PVC resin, the PVC resin screw pipe is very good wear- resisting pipe, this will prolong the service lift of screw elevating conveyor.
3. Driving device: Motor, belt pulley, transmission belt and safe cover.
4. Inlet device and discharge device.
5.Grain sucking flexible screw auger conveyor is a new design machine developed by our company in combination with national conditions. This product is a small equipment specially designed for transportation, loading and storage of grain, fertilizer, chemical raw materials, stone, sand and other bulk powders. It has many advantages such as small, light weight, easy to move, high efficiency, low breakage rate, wide use, safe, reliable and so on. It is suitable for farms, warehouses, farms, feed mills, food plants, chemical plants, mining industry, etc.
6.Grain sucking flexible screw auger conveyor is composed of five parts: a flexible outer pipe, a auger spring, the head and tail of the machine, and motor.
Flexible outer pipe: The spiral tube is made of high-quality beef tendon material, and the tendon tube has the characteristics of wear resistance and cold resistance.
Auger spring: Made of manganese steel, the spiral blade adopts shaftless structure, which is convenient for rotating of the auger spring.
The head and tail: The user-friendly design makes the machine convenient and fast.
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