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  1. Thanks for the info and offer Hedgebird. I'll let you know if we move out to PA:) Cheers.
  2. Thanks for your response, yes broad topic, you detailed break down is helpful. Not accounting for real estate, constructing or coding here. Looking to understand what renting wharehouse space for 20 barrel for four years would approximately cost. Any ballpark idea?
  3. I'm looking to understand the costs of barrel aging a product so I can project a financial model for a small to medium-sized spirits brand: How many barrels of aged spirit would make the project commercially viable? 10, 20 40 barrels? What is the cost of wharehousing for four years? Cost of wharehousing maintenance? What are other costs associated with aging spirits?
  4. Thanks Thatch! Would this include time using wood staves for accelerated maturation or just for the time rested in a barrel?
  5. Looking to understand if there is a minimum time in barrel for spirit classes Light Whiskey or Whiskey distilled Bourbon Mash?
  6. Is there a minimum time in barrel required for the COLA spirit classifications "Light Whiskey" or "Whiskey Distilled Bourbon Mash"?
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