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  1. Hello there. I have 20 totes, all FDA Food grade. Used for Mash, Blending, Spirit collection, NGS. All Totes will be "Certified Clean" / Sanitized. Lot $1000.
  2. Hello there. I am also very interested in the mash system. Please drop me a line at 4698792981. Thanks.
  3. Hello Peter. I'm very interested in your still. Can you drop me a line at 469 879 2981
  4. Hello there. I bought this filler brand new two months ago. Managed to get one locally. I've never used it, just opened the box to take a look. The place I bought it from is being difficult on the return, so I'm posting it here for sale. Cost $3100 plus shipping. I'll take $2800. Thanks
  5. Hello all, Relocating and cant fit most of this Equipment in new spot. The shipping alone in the still was $15,000, and about 12 months lead time. This is located in NC and all wrapped strapped on pallets and ready to go. Still was installed and de-installed by Kothe of Chicago. Requires 19 feet ceiling height. Equipment is five years old, and in excellent order. $275,000 OBO. 1) 3000 L ( 1000 Gal ) Kothe Vodka with Full Automation Package. 2) 4 x 3300 L Jacketed Fermenters. Two with agitators. 3) 2 x 1100 L Blending and Bottling tanks. 4) 600,000 BTU B
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