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  1. Sorry to be so late the conversation on this, but depending on your budget, Tardito makes excellent equipment that rinses/air sparges/recycles your product or any combination of these processes. Check them out HERE and let me know if I can answer any questions. Thanks! -Steve
  2. Doodle Sasser - for a $1K-2K solution, I would recommend a Bottle-Matic by Dispensa-Matic. Very fast and will label both sides of your bottle if needed. It will also handle your 750ml as well as your 50ml round bottles. Many distilleries and wineries use this Labeler. If you want any additional information please ask - I'd be glad to help. crusystems.com Steve
  3. Hey Chris - just following up to see if you ever found a solution. We have a customer with a similar situation. He's using a Bottle-Matic Labeler (by Dispensa-Matic) and the manufacturer ended up making a modification to the main roller to allow for that part of the bottle to fit into. Let me know if you need any additional info on a modification like this. crusystems.com Steve
  4. Have not had experience with the Primera - most all of our clients use the Dispensa-Matic Labeler for their round bottles and the Flat-Matic for their flat or oval shaped bottles. Very fast, reliable machines and great product support. -Steve
  5. Hey derek.duf - We've had success with new distilleries using a Gravity Filler. It uses all stainless steel construction and there are no electrical components and has very few moving parts. The 2 nozzle can fill 450+ bottles per hour. Check it out HERE Let me know what you think. -Steve
  6. Hey Anc. - is the neck tapered or straight? -Steve
  7. Hi kleclerc77, these Tardito Brand Rinsing Machines are definitely worth the money - we are an authorized distributor for Tardito. However, ours is only $2,090 (or less for other models) for the 2 air/2 rinse model. We also have rinse-only machines, air-only machines as well as machines that will recirculate your product. Let me know if you'd like to know more about the model you showed on your post - please visit our website at www.crusystems.com and hopefully we can help you with this.
  8. Hi Matt - Steve from Cru Systems here. We work with a few different manufacturers who make automatic and semi-automatic Labelers for your volume. Can I ask what your budget is? Maybe we can help find you the right one. Thanks!
  9. Hope everyone has had a chance to tour the Virtual ADI Show and Floor Expo. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person at the 2021show in Louisville! Until then, if we can help with any of your bottling equipment needs - small or large - we'd love to be of service. Thanks!
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