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  1. People add glycerin to their vodka? Wouldn't you have to add that to your label?
  2. we get ours from here: https://barrelbuilders.com/shop-2/?model_number=CSW07
  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase Fruit Juices, like Pear Juice, in Bulk? Thanks!
  4. Do you have to chill filter the whiskey for the filter to work or will it work without chilling it first?
  5. That's interesting, because we use 53 gallon char #4 barrels. But this last batch had 1 barrel from a new producer.
  6. This just happened on our 2nd batch of whiskey. It didn't happen on our first batch, but about 3 months after bottling the 2nd batch, I noticed this cloud form in the bottom of the bottle. Is this what you were experiencing?
  7. $325? Wow. We sell our once used barrels to breweries in our area for $200
  8. Fainting Goat Spirits is a family owned and operated, grain to glass distillery located in downtown Greensboro, NC. We have been in operation for close to two years and have won numerous international awards for our spirits. We currently produce vodka, gin, American single malt whiskey, rye whiskey, and bourbon. We are hiring a full-time Assistant Distiller to work closely with our head distiller in operations of our day to day production, with a strong opportunity for quick growth within our company. Job responsibilities include: Assisting the head distiller in Milling, Mashing, Ferm
  9. What kind of price are you looking at for a 350 gallon or so with agitator and CIP?
  10. This just popped up from a local place today:
  11. I agitate the mash right before i pump it to ease the pressure on the pump
  12. That happened to me one time. I was running my steam pressure too high and it over powered my Dephleg
  13. Kelly, When do you think you will have barrels ready to deliver?
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