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  1. I made a pretty good one, but I don't think it follows tradition much. I boiled the sloe berries and made a syrup (other spices included) and added that to my gin.
  2. Good to meet you Shawn! As I said in your other thread, I'd be happy to help answer any questions you might have. Good luck on your ventures.
  3. Not a consultant, but am also here in Michigan. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have for a fellow MI distiller.
  4. We do the exact same. Nothing better than 100% rye
  5. Unmalted. Yeah come on by, thankfully we are open.
  6. I rarely take it lower than 110 proof, then again I use a reflux condenser after the first drop in abv.
  7. I make a 100% Rye mash with no malt with decent yields. The trick is to add enough water so it doesn't get so thick. We bring the temp up to 90c and add high temp enzymes, which I understand is hotter than most people take it, but it works for us *shrug*
  8. If it tastes the same with same yields it sounds like all's good. The red flags would be funky flavors.
  9. Redistillation will work to get the smell out.
  10. Yeah you'll basically be making hydrosols. The problem is they all kinda taste like flat Le Croix and would disappear in a cocktail. I tried Seedlip and was pretty unimpressed.
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