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  1. I only started making it to have it for tasting room cocktails, but people liked it, and now we sell a lot of it.
  2. I don't know where Odin gets his SPP, of if he makes it himself, but you can buy it from him at stillcontrol.nl I don't understand why anyone on a "craft" level would want to make a truly "nuetral" vodka. Big brands can produce a "flavorless" spirit 100x cheaper than I can. I choose to interpret the recently altered standard of identity as anything rectified to 95% or over being ok, and aim for a "clean" or "smooth" spirit with a hint of vanilla and butterscotch still present.
  3. I haven't done identical mashes on/off grain, to do a true comparison, but I have distilled on grain malt whiskeys, and have had batches lautered for me by a brewery. I would not call the on grain batches any more astringent or tannic than the distilled beer. One benefit of the beer is the low wines are almost clear first run and don't make much of a mess to clean. Whether or not that also leads to a cleaner tasting product, I don't know, but I would guess it does. The biggest down side of lautering in my opinion is, depending on how efficient your mash tun is, and how big your grain bill is,
  4. The ABC just called me to let me know that if distilleries effected by Covid fill out this form their fees can be waived for 2 years. https://www.abc.ca.gov/abc-scf-instructions/
  5. @whiskeytango I'm not fully up to date on current local Covid requirements, as it isn't really my department, but we started using plastic when we were under "to go cocktails only" and have kept using them as the restrictions continually change. I think we could wash glasses in a 3 vessel sink again, but we are currently only doing outdoor seating, and I believe anyone washing a customer's glass is supposed to wear some sort of full facial cover, and have plexyglass in front of them, so it would probably require having am additional person on staff. Kind of a lazy excuse, but I think everyone
  6. Covid sure ungreened our tasting room. All the plastic cups we throw away is terrible.
  7. "Reload" isn't the typical terminology. Backset or dunder is what's left in the pot after the run. Fients are a mixture of heads and tails dumped into a following run to retrieve some alchohol from them. If you search those terms on a sight like homedistiller.org you'll find a lot of info on ways to use them.
  8. @MichaelAtTCW thanks, insightful as always. I'll order some glidetech hoses from you soon, and reserve them for finished spirits only. I have some Kanaflex hoses that I hope are suitable for low wines at 80 proof.
  9. My low wines from distiling on grain usually have a thin, black, oily film that floats on the top, and when I pump it out some often sticks to the bottom of the vessel. It requires some scrubbing to clean, not just a quick rinse or even PBW soak. I'm worried about it coating the insides of my hoses and tainting high wines. I'm thinking of buying new hoses and keeping low wines and final distilate hoses separate. Does anyone else do this, or have any hose deep cleaning advise? Will those sponge balls pump through a small diaphram pump, and do they work well?
  10. I have a mixed column of packing and plates so it is it's own animal. This thread goes into more detail of whats needed though.
  11. I've got electric elements directly submerged in low wines in my nuetral still. Not an ideal set up from a safety standpoint, but it sure is stable. Once it is set, it pretty much runs itself.
  12. Out of curriosity, when running that set up, do you start by equalizing the first column, before sending vapor to the second column, and then also equalizing it at well, or do you do it another way?
  13. How should you determine the necessary LBs/Hr for a given still? I don't think I've ever heard throughput of a PRV mentioned before, and it is a great point. To be clear, I do not have any water heater PRVs on anything, I'm just interested.
  14. If I come visit your distillery I'll be sure to knock first.
  15. What if instead of putting Beer as an ingredient in your syrup, you put malt and hops?
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