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  1. @SlickFloss Thanks for the $.02. I wasn't trying to get you to trash talk anyone. Coming from the brewing industry there were a handful of brewhouse fabricators that built highly engineered beautiful brewhouses at a premium cost. Both German and US based. In the distilling industry I seem to hear more horror stories than anything else. Like Corson, or the Chinese copper fabricators you mentioned, building stills with stolen designs they don't really understand. My equipment is mostly built in house, and the only equipment I've purchased has been from Paul, who has always stood by his equipment
  2. Keep internal records, but they don't go on the reports except on the production report during your quarterly inventory under "unfinished spirits".
  3. Caustic is corrosive to brass and copper. I believe most people use PBW from five star to clean proteins.
  4. I clean with PBW between runs, and with acid whenever the copper gets dark and looks like it needs a refresh. Last time i ordered chemical they were out of PBW so i bought bru r ez which cleans better than PBW but also gives off slighty harsh fumes when mixing. It is non caustic, and I called Birko before ordering and they said it was fine for copper.
  5. It will certainly help. Think the rule of thumb is, height should be 20x the width of your column. That's about what I have and it works. Sure you can get away with less if your packing is set up well, but like Silk says I went to the ceiling. The higher you go, the easier your life will be.
  6. I doubt anyone would ever give you any trouble if your vodka is coming off the still over 190P (in the U.S.). From what I understand many vodkas made at small distilleries aren't though.
  7. Thanks. I been putting off trying to make an American Single Malt for the reasons you mentioned, but really want to give it a go.
  8. Interesting thought. Could be neat way to age something like a white rum that you just want to mellow without adding any barrel flavor or an age statement to. When I was making beer, I remember seeing concrete fermenters at a trade show. They look like a mix of a giant egg, and an ancient statue of a fertility god. Think they are usually used for wine, but they were pitching them for wild/sour beers. Some Yeast/air/bacteria stays in the pores kind of like a foudre. Hadn't thought about it till now, but they might be ideal for spirit fermentation. I think they were quite expensive though.
  9. Older post, but I was shopping around for a new mill, and stumbled on this. Are you also distilling on the grain, or separating post fermentation?
  10. Sand they need to pay 14,000$ to the FDA in order to own apparently.
  11. I take it that with the last belated signature last night, this is finally set in stone. Thanks for all the hard work of everyone working on this.
  12. Sure would be nice to get a little good news. I'm pretty worried next year is going to be even harder than this year. From what I've heard from suppliers is that material and shipping costs are going to go up. A tax increase on top everything is really going to hurt.
  13. I know there's a lot of disadvantages to a copper condenser, but those long worm condensers sure are cool.
  14. Thanks for the science heavy explanation in this thread @bluestar. I started storing my spirits in warehouse with no temperature control last year, and as the nights started getting cold, some flocc has formed in my gin only. I would rather not up the proof, and definitely want to keep the same flavor, so I tried something out today, and was hoping for some feed back. I was making my "tails" cut at 60 proof on the final botanical run, and then just shutting it down, and dumping what was left in the still. The last run I did I started my "tails" cut at 70 proof, but kept collecting until 5
  15. I don't personally, it gave me a bit of a chuckle I guess. I'm sure you've found some customers that do though. Or maybe it's great publicity? my knowledge on marketing is pretty lacking.
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