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  1. Hi Underjakk, Being from the Netherlands I have tried to make a Beerenburg and I think I can at least help you out to get started. First of all; Beerenburg was originally made by fisherman who bought a mixture of herbs in Amsterdam from a man named Hendrik Beerenburg, they macerated the herbs in Brandy or Genevre while fishing. Nowadays there is a multitude of different spirits that all differ slightly, both named Beerenburg and Berenburg. The Braumarkt reference you give is for a mixture made by the company Jacob Hooy, they claim to provide the original herbal mixture. Most pe
  2. Good Morning all, After some time of just following this forum it was time to subscribe and join the fun. My name is Roelof and I have been running Dutch Craft Distillery (or in Dutch; De Kleine Distilleerderij) since 2017. Before starting the distillery I have worked several years as a product developer for alcoholic beverages, and my educational background is in food technology / biotechnology. Dutch Craft Distillery make local products whereever possible, but is mostly aimed at producing quality spirits that taste good (sounds simple but in my opinion the focus in the spirits indu
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