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  1. well their lies the rub. Pay extra and actually get it or save money for something you cant have..
  2. Yeah I have been in contact with these guys Lost interest when they couldn't figure out how to send me samples..
  3. I could use some as well. Would be willing to import as well
  4. Most control states you sell strait to the state there is no "wholesale". Then the state turns and sell it to the final retail outlet, restaurant or Direct to consumer where they run their own stores. But to answer OP question 10% Of sales is pretty standard in control states.
  5. Distillery cats have had a long place in history. I guess it all depends on how hard core your local officials are. The person who comes and does my organic inspection every year is over joyed to see the cat. Nothing more organic for pest control that a cat. Now if you have the health department come in they will probably be pretty against the idea they usually deal with restaurants and food service placed where I can see how it would be an issue. Now if you have Dep of Agg do your inspections as we do they are a lot more used to seeing animals. Now its probably still not legal but they
  6. Does anyone use the mineral concentrate wast water from their RO system to make mash with? One would think that having the extra mineral content in it would help with the yeast nutrients.
  7. How much to tall is it? If its just a little can you sink the still Into the floor?
  8. Why are all the crazy people from Utah?
  9. Hm last time I tasted a Palapa it smelt like vomit and didn't test much better. But idk
  10. Any of you see this story? https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/25/us/whiskey-bottles-found-new-york-home-walls-trnd/index.html Seems like some people have all the luck . My one question is they say they want to sell it. I though it was pretty much illegal for private citizens to sell alcohol directly? Not that ill snitch (hell more power to them) just wondering what the real rules are?
  11. More info. What proof? What Carb level? Do you add any preservatives to it? Temp while canning?
  12. Just tossing this out to see if anyone has any glass that is this style or knows of anther manufacture with the same shape. We are running super low and need some asap looking to buy a few pallets if possible
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