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  1. Gin basket - condenser with collection tank below? - tank for collecting heads. Would be my guess anyway
  2. Probably the big hole in the side. Mine is similarly designed. Just have to bag your botanicals. Works pretty good
  3. It is a bit messy and yes I do have a distillery cat so pest control Check!
  4. You can always do a paste of flour and water
  5. So you have postponed your expansion project for over a year because you can’t get a Vendome?
  6. Apparently it’s a little salty over here as well.
  7. Ben producing the of the last 4 years. The market now is getting very saturated so make sure you have something unique
  8. What is your carb level? What kind of canning line are you using? They vary enough from manufacturer to manufacturer you might need some Specific help dialing it in
  9. How high do you all stack your barrels, Talking just the two barrel side racks. I seam to remember something in fire code (or maybe im just making it up) that you cant store above 10 feet? So that limits you to 3 racks heigh. I know I have seen them as high as 5 in some other distilleries just wondering if there is a firm hight limit
  10. Inspectors will always default to the “safest” option when asked a question. It’s the “ I told them and they still blew up it’s not my fault” mentality. Why do you think this is an issue? Have you had other locals say so or you just overthinking it?
  11. If it ain't a vendome is it even a still??? Sounds like someone is on the "do you know how to make a million dollars opening a distillery"? Yeah start with two!
  12. Id ask you. What you're planing on producing and what are you planing on selling it for? The biggest issue with 12 pack cases is when someone is selling something that is not a normal product IE vodka bourbon whatever. Or if your product is going to be on the higher end of the price even if it's a standard type. It's a lot easier to get a buyer to pop for a 6 pack case of an unknown/expanisve item than it is to get them to try out a 12 pack. Now if your planning on selling cheep vodka its a lot lower buy in for a 12 pack.
  13. Sounds like you have magic barrels that are producing alcohol! Sort of like the virgin marry I guess. But in reality this does not happen you cant put 55 proof gallons of alcohol into a barrel then magically have 60 proof gallons years later. It just doesn't work like that. Most likely you messed up one of your gauging. Either in correct going in or in correct coming out. Maybe due to proof obscuration on the way out.
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