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  1. And lots of RO systems use carbon filtering as well. So when people say they like RO water they might actually like Carbon filters water that is then RO filtered
  2. Probably only sent you a fraction of that you ordered because thats all they could send you. Glass is in very short supply at the moment.
  3. Not sure I get the spin on this? "Weird unidentified orange shit in every bottle" People are going to buy the shit out of that lol
  4. funny how things always break when your using them..
  5. have you contacted DYE? They have been very responsive with everything I have ever needed as far as replacement parts
  6. Yes I know first hand how behind primal is. Space and or money are always the issue. As well as its always hard when you have multiple bottle shapes. One will always be hard to find
  7. I hear there is money in G strings.. But yes I think everyone Is having glass shortages right now. What bottle you looking for? Who is the manufacture?
  8. With the instantaneous gelatinization is an interesting theory that sort of makes sense. Not sure how being more gelatinized makes it float more but IDK either.. I was thinking more along the lines of the high heat makes the little cavities of air expand and makes it more buoyant. But I really have no proof either way.. just like to hear theory's
  9. I would love to see some stats on how many distillery Dave has had his hands in? I for one have used him twice on two different distillery. Dave. You will be missed but we are all thankful for all the hard work you put in on behalf of us.
  10. Has anyone notices when you add corn and the water temp is below 170 ish that the corn really sinks to the bottom of the mash tun? It seems like when we add it with the water hotter (closer to 190) it doesnt drop to the bottom as much. Any real science to this or am I seeing something else happening?
  11. Dave Dunbar has always been my guy but glad to hear another name out there.
  12. Have heard a lot of bug issues with Onbatch but that they are working through It I guess. Not running anything yet but would like to..
  13. Big difference between a cognac and a grain in whiskey Is the solids that cause the block. They might be perfectly safe as long as its just a liquid charge but the solids can be a real problem
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