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  1. Kind of in the same kind of predicament. What is considered low pressure if using steam? Thinking of mowing away from electric elements to steam.
  2. Thank You for Your replies. I will try to run it as is and go from there. I have an 1.5m pipe I can use for an extension without hitting the ceiling, if that doesn't work I will have to consider buying more plates I guess! Again thanks Heavydane
  3. Hi all, New to this site and already very impressed by the knowledge and helpfulness here. Allow me to bump this tread as I am in a similar predicament! Just about to start using a 600liter (160ish gallon) electrically heated still with an 8" column with 8 plates. From reading this thread I now have doubts if this is sufficient to make a good neutral. The plan is to strip to around 50 proof and then a spirit run. The goal is Vodka and Neutral to be used for Gin production, all made from Barley and Wheat. If the 8 plates isn't enough I believe I would have to extend to column above the plates and fill it with SSP's. The question is, would it help and how much extension would I need? Thank You Heavydane
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