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  1. It is a synthetic cork but it seems like that would be consistent to all of our products and not exclusive and random to gin. Worth looking into! Thanks,
  2. I think we might try this. Any thoughts on any good labs to contact about this? Thanks,
  3. Unfortunately I do not believe this to be the case. Product will sit in our warehouse for months and it doesn't happen. Only once it is shipped out to the distributor or to a retailer have we found this to happen.
  4. Thank you for your response. Our current process is starting with NGS and steeping all botanicals for 4-5 before redistilling. Botanicals do not go into the still. We are using RO water to proof down to 80 and filtering through a one micron. Bottles are air rinsed before being filled on a Mori 6 head gravity filler. Any insight is appreciated. This is has never been noticed in our tasting rooms but once the spirit has gone out to our distributors and sits on a retail shelf. IMG_6108.HEIC
  5. Has anyone ran into this issue and if so found a way to combat it? It seems very sporadic and information has been hard to find. Happy to share our processes if anyone can help point in the right direction.
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