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  1. Personally, I love it. Even the pricing structure. As a small producer, (less than 500 cases my first year) I would have killed for something like this. The large startup costs of other systems kept me from doing it. And I would have preferred a monthly fee that didn't rely on me updating it each time I increased production. I also like the idea of saving hours of time that could be devoted to something else. I spent, on average, 4-5 hours each month doing end of month reporting, not to mention the countless amount of time I spent looking in proofing charts, maintaining inventory, ect. Then, the amount of time I spent training staff to keep records, relying on them to actually keep the records, and accurately proof a product is high. If I only save 4 hours per month, that equates to $87.50 per hour used (not including the piece of mind, accuracy, the ability to see what is in every tank remotely, having my staff be able to enter and me check inventory, and keeping everything in one place). My time is worth well over that. Each hour I'm not doing paperwork is an hour I can see my kid, make some sales, and grow my company. Just my two cents. Thanks, Donald! Chris
  2. We've been operating since 2012 and this is the best addition we've added since then. We helped with the testing phase and absolutely love it. All my guys can operate it easily and it's taken the guesswork out of EOM reports, inventory control, and dailies. Plus, you can't get much better on pricing. If we had this when we were starting up, I would have actually slept that first year! Great product, D!
  3. Hello Forum, My farm has extra Non-GMO corn available this year, about 600 bushel (around 570 50# bags). It's Yellow #2 field corn. It's not certified organic, but it is grown without pesticides or herbicides. We're using most of this year's crop, sold about 600 bushel so far, and this is the last we have. I have a deal with my farmer so he sets the prices and gets what we sell to cover costs. We're selling it as-is; first to pay gets it. We'd like to have it accounted for before winter hits. Pricing: $12.00 per bushel, if you take the entire 600 bushel, unbagged. Just bulk grain. You'll need to arrange delivery/pickup. I don't have a grain truck to spare. $14.00 per 50# bag if you want it bagged and not ground. 200 bag minimum. $17.00 per 50# bag if I have to take it in to the mill to clean it, mill it, and bag it. 200 bag minimum. If you want less than 200 bags, the cost will jump to $20 per bag. It's a real pain in the rear! Shipping is included in the St. Louis area. (I'd prefer if the buyer comes and picks it up, though.) Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer if outside the St. Louis Area. Just have corn. No other crops right now. May have extra winter wheat in the Spring. Send me an email t0 chris (at) coulterandpayne.com if you're interested. Thanks, Chris Burnette Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery Shawnee Bend Farms Union, Missouri
  4. Same here. Jennifer was great and only took a week. Chris Burnette
  5. Don't forget us! Chris Burnette
  6. McGinnis wood products in Missouri. http://mcginnisbourbonbarrels.com/ Chris Burnette
  7. Next time your in town let me know! Our stuffs for sale in union at T-'s Liquor Lane, if they want to pick one up. I try and pick up a bottle from every distillery I run across on my travels, too. Love it! Chris Burnette
  8. I use a company out of Iowa that I'm happy with. Chuck Andracchio TRICOR Insurance 800-556-5441, ext 1444 www.tricorinsurance.com They work with distilleries, wineries, and breweries and understand it a little better, I think. We paid about 4k, but that included liquor liability that travels with you, workers comp ins, general and business liability, umbrella policy, self owned auto, and property with additional insureds. There's more, but I don't have it in front of me. I Chris Burnette
  9. Our first product just went on the shelves in Missouri! Thanks to everyone on the forum for your support and help. Chris Chris Burnette
  10. Brandon, Glad to see another Missourian! I like what you are thinking about doing. We are running a farm distillery up in Union and we are growing our own grain and doing everything on our own, also. We'll be using non-Gmo corn and are working on our organic certification for our farm. All our ingredients are grown on our farm and turned into whiskey. We love the support we are getting in missouri and love to support local businesses. We've got a few acres to work with and we're supplying a couple other missouri distilleries with corn next year. We just got licensed, but should have our first batch out in a couple of weeks. It's fermenting now! Exciting times for us. PM or call me me if you'd like to talk. (423) 457-9809 Chris Burnette Chris Burnette
  11. We received our Cola approval yesterday. Filed 11/08/12; approved 12/3/12. Chris Burnette
  12. Thanks for the support. I've been very pleased with the members of this forum and of ADI over the past year. Where else can a new business get such information and support! I'll update the forum as we progress. Chris Burnette
  13. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are the Mad Buffalo Distillery in Union, Missouri. While I've been a member of ADI and on the forums for a little over a year, we 've recently received our federal permit and are currently waiting on label approval and our state permits to really get started. We are in essence a farm distillery. We own Shawnee Bend Farms and grow all the grain, mainly corn, that we will use in our products. We are family owned and will focus on small batch, labor intensive processes that try to minimize our environmental impact. We have devoted three buildings to our distillery. We are starting by working through a small distributor to hit St. Louis, Kansas City, and the other larger cities in Missouri, while we self-distribute to the two counties closest to our facility. We plan on working up to a retail location in a year or two, but will open up for farm/distillery tours later next year. We do almost everything in house. We do all the marketing, sales, fabrication, production, and agriculture stuff in-house. We also try and buy anything we cannot make ourselves as local as we can. In fact, almost everything in our facility was either made in Missouri or supplied by a Missouri supplier. Our labels, bottles, barrels, mash tuns, and other equipment were all made in Missouri, also. The one big exception is that our stills are from Artisan Still Designs. And although I wish they were made in Missouri, I am extremely happy with the craftmanship, functionality, and service that I received from Steven and his team. And the stills work great! We are excited to be a part of the craft distillation community and look forward to working with and/or meeting you all. Chris Burnette Mad Buffalo Distillery Union, Missouri
  14. We filed for our Cola online access late on Monday night and got our online access yesterday morning. Total of 3 business days. We filed our first label approval app last night. I'll keep you all updated. Chris
  15. Filed our fed permit on September 30th, received our permit today, November 5th. Filing our state application today.
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