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  1. Is anyone interested in splitting a tote of cream liquor base? We have a pending order and a full tote is way more than we need.
  2. Is anyone interesting in splitting an order of 1.75 plastic bottles and closures? It appears that a minimum order is almost 18,000 and we'd do well starting w/ half. thx p2c
  3. Has anyone found a base recipe for amaro?
  4. Can anyone give me advice on topping off whiskey barrels? Do you most of you top off? Help. thx p2c
  5. When selling cocktails in the tasting room, are you able to use other liqueurs as mixers? Most of our cocktails highlight our liquors distilled in house with non-alcoholic mixers, but we also want to include some classics as well. For example, if I wanted to sell a Negroni, obviously we would use our gin, but as far as the sweet vermouth and campari we would have to get an outside supply for that. Would that require another liquor license?
  6. Curious as to what the average Lead Distiller salary is. Obviously, the rate varies based on the distillery's success, the area in which it is located in, etc., but I just wanted to get a general ballpark idea of the hours and wage that a lead distiller can make. Does it vary from the startup of the distillery to a few years down the road? Any input is appreciated!!
  7. Just curious as to what the average pay wage is for a tasting room rep. Do you pay by salary, by the hour, or commission based on every bottle sold?
  8. Can anyone tell me where they store their NGS totes? Do most transfer immediately to SS containers?
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