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My Name is Shannon Jackson and I am currently the Public Relations Manager for the Black Bear Distillery.  I have been with the Black Bear since it opened in 2014 and have played many roles leading up to my current position of Public Relations Manager.  My duties include scheduling tastings and tours, maintaining social media sites, preparing Press packets, as well as handling all event and media relations and planning.  My past experience in the craft spirit world would include personal trips and tastings, then a job in sales developing new clients and taking care of their orders, and then brand ambassador which added events and social media to the list.  For the most part, I still assist with those roles.  My success in this arena led to a more statewide presence and eventually the role of Social Media Ambassador at the ADI Conference that will be held next March in Denver.    I have a huge passion for Craft Spirits and try to absorb all the knowledge I can.   I am reaching out to  see if I can assist you on any level with any of my skills. Please contact me at Jacksonshannon82@live.com

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