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California State Regs

Max Action

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I'm still investigating potential sites, comparing regulations in different states, and have a few questions about California. I have all the relevant state laws and ABC regs, but could use some clarification. My immediate questions had to do with on-site tasting, on-site retail sales, and direct sales to retailers.

Section 23363.1 is pretty clear about tasting, so that's fine.

According to my reading, on-site sales to consumers are prohibited for a distilled spirits producer. The only allowance is specifically for Brandy producers. Am I reading that correctly?

Sales to retailers appear to be prohibited by section 23363, but then there is an exception for Brandy. Does that mean a Spirits Manufacturer would be able to sell brandy to retailers, but not their other products. Or does that only apply to Brandy Manufacturers?

Then I noticed section 25175 regarding whiskey aging. That seems to say if you're not selling "straight" whiskey, then it must be aged for a minimum of 3 years. So does that really mean you can't sell a whiskey that hasn't been aged for 2 or 3 years?


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