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Proposed revision of Part 19


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Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but the TTB is proposing new changes to Part 19. Most seem to have been driven by requests from DISCUS so not surprisingly I haven't seen a whole lot that affects small distillers in a big way, but my ability to read this stuff is limited to a page or two at a time so perhaps there are some hidden gems...

Several topics that were previously scattered throughout various subparts (such as gauging) are being consolidated into one area. They say they are also trying to simplify the language. They are accepting comments on the changes until August 6 2008. I'm not sure what the procedure is after that period so not sure how soon changes may become permanent.

Link to the proposed Part 19-


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A lot of these change requests go back as far as 1998.

afaik, if you have comments it's best to make them before the deadline. They may extend the deadline if they think there should be comments and they haven't received enough.

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