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Standing at the Gates

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Hey all,

This is Jester...Now with Partner/Boss/fiancee Dusty. We are starting into the process of our DSP mini-marathon. I have been active in the Equipment side of things and now we have decided to start our DSP in Newport,Maine. We have a building of 4500 square feet that is in an industrial park and has its own certified organic well. The previous tennants needed this for their Mushroom business. great for us. It is nearly what I would build if starting from scratch. We will start out with Apple Brandy,Whiskey, Rum and Gin.

My partner Dusty has been in accouting and payroll for the last 13 years. That should help. She has learned from our visits at many distilleries and reading here. She listens and grasps everything she sees and hears.

I have been in the welding trade since 1989 and in Bio-Pharm process piping for about the last 10 years. I've had hands on some of the most stringent types of stainless steel assemblies available(Chromatography) and have been interested in Distillation since I read the Foxfire series about "The Fine Art Of Moonshine". very interesting read. goes into great detail on how to make your own still and even the batch ingredients-very cool. Very old school.

My many years of welding and automation experience has led me to build some very nice and simple to use equipment. I have worked with many brilliant Engineers who have helped me think like them. Hurts the head most of the time! I have worked with many on here and enjoyed helping solve problems and supply tools of the trade. We are coming out soon with a stainless steel 40 gallon direct fired pot still with copper helmet and lyne arm. It will have one of my tube in shell condensers and an attached parrot. just one of many designs you can expect to see pictures of on our website Trident Welding. We have put a few new things on there too.

I'd like to thank so many who have purchased things and had great conversations with us. Also to those who have helped with the other parts like testing new equipment, directing us toward needed products and moral support that keeps us interested in making our dreams(nightmares,lol) a reality.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you!

In Great Spirits,

Jesse and Dusty

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