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Food grade plastic drums

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I'm looking at the possibility contracting the production of wash from a local brewery and will need to transport the wash in the pre or post fermentation phase. The breweries minimum quantity is still a rather large quantity for me and the cost of stainless drums at this quantity may be prohibitive. What are everyone's thoughts on transporting and short term (week) storage of wash in 55 gallon food grade polymer drums? I know that polymer in the brewing world is a big no-no, but hear that wineries use polymers. Any other alternatives? Recommendations much appreciated.

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We have transported and stored high proof spirits in plastic successfully with no loss in quality or transfer of flavors. I believe it's the ethanol that makes material selection important, and would confidently store lower proof spirits in these vessels as well. we've used both 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes. In fact, i have some spares of each that i'd be willing to part with at an extreme discount as they are currently just taking up space. Send me a PM if you are interested and we'll talk price and shipping and I'll send you some pictures.



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I am currently looking into this as well. UNfermented wort, there are no worries at all, if you make sure they are food grade. I know people that even ferment in the barrels. Low wines should even be safe. I don't think that I would take 120 proof off the still and put it in them though. I think you will find people on both sides of the fence about flavor transfer here.

I would be interested on the price and quantity of the wort they are quoting if you wouldn't mind sending me a PM.


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google: Intermediate Bulk Containers - IBC

Lots of types...poly, SS,

you might consider pitching when it gets to your place....no transfer in bond of alcohol



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