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can redistillation of neutral spirit be done in patent stills

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I am a student of alcodemics and am doing my research project on Gin.

I understand the difference in the way distilled Gin is defined in US and EU

My question is

When making distilled Gin the neutral spirit is redistilled (in the presence of botanicals).  Can this re-distillation be carried out in  patent stills or only in traditional pot/alembic/carterhead stills?  and if it can be done in patent stills, may I assume both steeping and vapour infusion techniques may be used? 

I also notice that the word traditional is no longer included in the EU law when describing how London dry gin should be produced.  The word was never there when describing distilled Gin

Thank you

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I'm not sure about the legal EU definition, but technique-wise you can use almost any type of still to create gin. My understanding of creating a dry gin is getting the spirit off of the still over 140 proof. 

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