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Direct Distillation - pot or patent still

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I am a student of alcodemics and am doing my research project on Gin.

I understand the difference in the way distilled Gin is defined in US and EU

My understanding of Direct distillation is

In direct distillation (also called original distillation), a fermented grain mash is pumped into a still. Heat is applied and the spirit vapors rise though the still and through a “gin head” at the top of the still that holds juniper and other botanicals  The gin head is a fixture that holds the mix of botanicals though which the vapors pass and extract the flavours


My questions are

Is an original or direct distillation carried out in pot stills or patent stills?

Won't these gins have a heavy body if done in pot stills?

Will they not require minimum two runs if done in a pot still and are the botanicals exposed to vapours in the first run, second run or both?

The result would be classified as juniper based spirit as per EU  (rather than gin, distilled gin or London gin) assuming the predominance of Juniper - is this right? 


Thank you



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