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Limoncello: info/pinions on Shelf-life and Brix and ABV?

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Obviously the higher the alcohol and the higher the sugar, in general, I can expect a limoncello have a longer shelf-life. That said, I wondered if anyone had suggestions on where to find info on recommended minimums or other ways to manage expectations & quality. What people like about our recipe is that it's not a sugar or alcohol bomb. I'm thinking of putting " after opening refrigerate and use within xx months" on the label but I'm also wondering what the sealed shelf life might be. 



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Hi @Rhody-O the answer to many of your questions are quite specific and will be up to you or a professional to determine.

There is a much work that goes into creating a product that is shelf stable and determining the exact stability of it.

my two cents is that if your product is not shelf stable for at least a year I would reccomend reformulating.


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